Nintendo Switch price will not change

Nintendo Switch

Sony’s decision to hike the PS5’s pricing has sparked curiosity in its competitors’ responses. Microsoft has already said that there will be no price hikes for the Xbox Series X | S. Likewise, Nintendo has made the decision to do the same thing with the Switch.

Yesterday, Sony revealed that the PS5’s price will increasing in nearly all areas, with the United States being the sole exception. The news caught everyone by surprise, and people wanted to know how their competitors would respond right away, which they did. Microsoft said that the retail price of the Xbox Series X | S would not change, and Nintendo did the same thing with the Switch.

The Japanese company said it has no plans to raise the prices of its hardware, as reported by VGC. The news outlet in question talked to the company’s branch in the UK about the issue. The UK branch replied by quoting what Nintendo’s president, Shuntaro Furukawa, said at the shareholders’ meeting last June.

The executive said at the time, “We can’t talk about pricing strategies, but we don’t plan to change the price of our hardware because of inflation or higher acquisition costs in some countries. We’ll figure out our future pricing strategies through careful thought and discussion.”

Even though merchants decide the Switch’s ultimate price, Nintendo won’t hike pricing. The PS5 is under pressure, but it doesn’t make Sony terrible.

The tech industry is being hit hard by the uncertainty about inflation around the world. So, if this economic situation keeps up, it will be interesting in future. Lets see how long Xbox and Nintendo can keep the prices of the Series X|S and Switch down.

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The price of the Nintendo Switch will not change

The decision to not raise the price of the Nintendo Switch is almost certainly also part of a plan to sell more of them. Don’t forget that the market for handhelds has been hurt by a lack of semiconductors. The Japanese also strongly point to the Christmas season as a way to get their product back on the market.

Nintendo Switch

A few days ago, the Asian company would have chosen to cut the Nintendo Switch’s packaging by 20%. So, if the boxes were smaller, it could move a bigger number of units with the same logistics it already has.

Even though the price of Xbox consoles doesn’t go up, that doesn’t mean that Microsoft isn’t affected by inflation. But those in Redmond have much stronger financial support than what Sony can give to PlayStation. This lets Americans deal with the effects of inflation and any extra costs that may come up when their devices are made.

In any case, the future of the Nintendo Switch or the Xbox Series X | S will continue to depend on how long the current state of the world economy lasts.

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