New Amazon Kindle is now with better screen and larger storage

New Amazon Kindle is now with better screen

The new Amazon Kindle has a higher resolution, twice as much storage, and a USB-C port. It also has a really good price.

Amazon has said that the Amazon Kindle, its cheapest e-book reader, will be updated. The new generation has a better screen, more storage space, and a better way to connect because it has a USB-C port. It costs roughly 100 euros, which is good in comparison to other catalog items.

The new Amazon Kindle has a better screen resolution, which is one of the most important changes. The new model, in particular, keeps the 6-inch diagonal, but the number of pixels per inch (ppi) is now 300. It is a huge improvement over the previous generation, which was announced in 2019 and had only 167 ppi. Since the text in books is much clearer, it is likely that the experience of reading them is much better.

Amazon has also included a front light. This gives Kindle a “on/off” cap and “dark mode” for low-light reading. These functions were present in older Kindle models. The four LEDs in this reading light make it useful in low-light settings as well as bright ones when the text becomes unreadable.

Now with USB-C and twice as much space

The new Amazon Kindle has more storage space, which is another change for the better. In particular, we went from 8 GB of memory in the last device to 16 GB of memory in this one. It also gets rid of the micro USB port in favor of the USB-C port. On the other hand, the new Amazon Kindle has a battery life of up to 6 weeks and looks exactly the same as its predecessor. The 90% of the material is recycled magnesium.

Amazon has kept the most interesting software features of the Kindle, such as the X-Ray function, which lets the user find out more about a character or part of a book they are reading, and the built-in dictionary, which lets them look up the meaning of words.

New Amazon Kindle price and availability

On October 12, the new Amazon Kindle will be available for $127.30 USD.

People can order it through Amazon, and you can choose between black and blue.

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