Netflix unveils new video game studio, but it will take time

Netflix video game studio

Netflix said it will open its own video game studio. This will be in addition to the three studios it bought in the past year. But don’t think that things will change quickly.

So far, all the fuss about Netflix getting into video games has been for nothing. So far, this bet hasn’t worked out well for the streaming platform. In fact, in August it was found that only 1% of its subscribers have downloaded its games for iOS and Android. But the company isn’t giving up and wants to make its plan even better. Because of this, they announced in the last few hours that he was starting his own studio to make new games for his catalogue.

The company didn’t give many details, but it did say that the study will take place in Helsinki, Finland, and that Marko Lastikka will be in charge of it. He has an interesting list of past jobs: he was the general manager and executive producer for Electronic Arts and the vice president of Zynga.

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“This is another step toward developing a world-class gaming studio. That will deliver our hundreds of millions of users exciting games without in-app sales..” Netflix was certain.

The first studio Netflix Games builds from scratch will be the fourth one in the company’s overall count. Let’s not forget that in the past year, the streaming service has already bought three other video game companies. Night School Studio was the first, then Boss Fight Entertainment and Next Games.

The platform said, “These four studios, each with different strengths and areas of focus, will make games for our subscribers that fit their different tastes.”

Netflix’s first video game studio is a long-term bet

With the news of its first video game studio, Netflix wants to show that it has a long-term plan for the gaming market. This means that the new team that will move to Helsinki won’t have any results for a while.

“It’s still early, and we have a lot of work to do to make Netflix a great place to play games. It can take years to make a game, so we’re proud of how steadily we’re building our game studios in our first year, and we’re excited to share what we make for years to come.

Amir Rahimi is Netflix Games Studios’ Vice President:

“It’s still early days and we have a lot more work to do to deliver a great gaming experience on Netflix. Building a game can take years, so we’re proud to see how we’re steadily building the foundation of our game studios in our first year, and we look forward to sharing what we produce for years to come.

Amir Rahimi, Vice President of Netflix Games Studios.

Let’s not forget that Netflix had already said that its plan for this first stage was to try out new things and experiment. We don’t yet know how the platform’s strategy will change over the next few years or if it will be able to get more users’ attention.

The idea behind the streaming service is that video games are not just a bonus, but also important content that people choose when they sign up. It’s clear that Netflix hasn’t been a success so far, but that could change if the company adds more and better titles to its library.

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