Netflix exclusive game: Spiritfarer, sail to the afterlife

Spiritfarer Netflix

Spiritfarer, a delicate action, exploration, and resource management indie game set in the afterlife. This game has been added to the catalog of Netflix, the most popular streaming platform. With Spiritfarer, Netflix adds value to a list of games that is always growing.

Netflix’s list of games for its users is slowly but steadily growing. Most of the time, Netflix adds games that are both good and unique, and it also removes ads and micropayments from them. What are you looking for in good entertainment for your cell phone? Well, you now have a new game to play: Spiritfarer. If you didn’t try it on your computer or game console, you can now try it on your phone.

Handmade, detailed game designs for Spiritfarer Netflix

Spiritfarer is an independent game that came out in 2020. It was first available for PC and consoles, and it also showed up on the doomed Google Stadia platform. In the game, the afterlife is the setting, and the ferrywoman is in charge of getting the spirits to where they need to go in the afterlife.

Since not all spirits leave with their souls at peace, Stella, the character who drives the boat, will have to fulfill the wishes of her incorporeal passengers to not only finish the journey but also learn about each spirit’s past and what worries them. A whole, vital experience that is wrapped in the skill of construction.


The game has hand-painted images, symphonic music, a well crafted scenario, easy-to-use gaming mechanics, and a sensitive tale that enhances the experience. Definitely a game you should try if you have an active Netflix subscription.

Spiritfarer is now on both the Google Play Store and the App Store, you can get apps for your phone. It is a free game for Netflix subscribers only.. It’s full and there are no in-app purchases or ads.

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Spiritfarer Netflix Edition

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