How to completely turn off the mobile WiFi. Privacy and security protection

Mobile WiFi completely turned off

Something can be more than one thing. It seems to be something we all know that our mobile WiFi connections can be used for many different things. We can, of course, use it to get Internet through the router. You can also use WiFi Direct to connect directly to other devices. It can also be used to find out where something is.

Once we know this, we can remember that there is a switch on our phones that turns off the WiFi. One that cuts us off from the networks so that the phone only uses the data connection. But this switch doesn’t completely turn off WiFi. It doesn’t. Our mobile phone still uses network detection to help it figure out where it is.

How to completely turn off the mobile WiFi

There are many ways to find an exact location, so our mobile phone has a system that works with GPS and networks. We have GPS, and with mobile networks, we can triangulate our location to make everything more accurate. On top of these two ways, you can also use nearby mobile networks to keep getting references. The reason is so that we can fix our position with as little error as possible.

So, even when it’s not being used to connect to the Internet, our phone’s WiFi connection continues to look for nearby networks. So, we turned it off, but it’s still on. In no way. To be able to do this and give our phones even more security and privacy, we must tell our phones that we don’t want the WiFi connection to be used for this. It shouldn’t be used for geolocation.

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To do this, open our phone’s ‘Settings’ Inside, we find ‘Location’ and ‘Location services’ The new seismic alarm system, location sharing, and others are subcategories. Google Location Accuracy is of interest.

Disable ‘Improve Location Accuracy’ and an explanation of how it works. Google employs Wi-Fi and mobile sensors and networks to increase location accuracy. If these settings are disabled, the device will solely utilize GPS to detect its location.

So disabling ‘Enhance location accuracy’ will prohibit Android from using our off WiFi to improve geolocation. DONE. We turned it off, the GPS takes over, and WiFi is off (yes). Security and privacy is not compromised.

  • Go to the ‘Settings’ of the phone.
  • Access ‘Location’.
  • Next open ‘Location Services’.
  • Go to ‘Google location accuracy’.
  • Eventually, turn off ‘Improve location accuracy’.

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