Microsoft wants you to use Edge ‘s new gaming features


Edge is getting a lot of new features that make it the best browser to play video games.

Microsoft has the best ecosystem for video games. What the company is doing with Xbox, both on PC and on consoles, is a lesson for the whole industry. Now, the company wants to keep promoting the game on the PC, which is the king platform. Very exciting news is coming to Edge about this.

Many of them were announced before this year’s Xbox Showcase without E3, but they were only available to Insiders. Now, they are available to everyone. Microsoft wants to improve Edge and Windows 11’s gaming features by giving PC gamers new tools. By the way, some of these news items were already available on consoles.

Game improvements that were previously only available on Xbox Gaming may be the most important of all the new features coming to Edge. Now, they can be used on its cloud service, Xbox Cloud, but only through the Microsoft browser.

Edge adds Clarity Boost and a new game mode

With this update, cloud gaming through Edge will be able to use Clarity Boost, a filtering system that makes games look better. Clarity Boost adds an improvement to spatial scaling that makes graphics look clearer and sharper than they do in another browser.

Microsoft has also changed some things about Edge to make it the best browser for gaming. The most important change is that the browser will now have a new game-focused setting in the Efficiency mode. With this new setting, games will run faster because less of the browser and system will be used while we play.

It is a system for managing resources that is meant to make browsers run faster when playing. Basically, when you start playing, the browser tells the system to stop using system resources for services that aren’t playing. At the end of the game, Edge will re-split the resources so they are used more efficiently. You don’t have to restart the browser. Once the option is turned on, it works automatically and without the user’s knowledge.

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Even though it’s a small change, the browser’s gaming section now has a completely new interface that looks like the Xbox sidebar. Edge’s new gaming home screen makes it easy to get to news about the industry, game guides, live streams, top moments, tournaments, and more.

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