Microsoft is sure that Activision Blizzard’s purchase deal will be finalized


In a recent interview, the CEO of Microsoft, said that he was sure the Activision Blizzard deal would work, even though regulators were looking into it.

Since Microsoft said that it would buy Activision Blizzard for just under $69 billion. As everyone has been talking about the deal. Not only because of the companies involved and the amount of money at stake, but also because of what will happen to Call of Duty and the rest of the studio’s intellectual property. But regulatory scrutiny has also been looked at and talked about a lot, and rightly so. Even though pressure in the U.S. and Europe is growing, people in Redmond are confident that everything will work out well.

In a recent interview with Bloomberg, Satya Nadella, the CEO of Microsoft, was excited about it. He said:

“Of course, any purchase of this size is going to be closely looked at, but we’re very, very confident that we’ll make it.”


The executive also talked about the people who say that buying Activision Blizzard will hurt competition. Nadella says that Microsoft is currently the “fourth or fifth largest company” in the video game industry in terms of revenue, and that it won’t jump to first place after this acquisition.

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He also used the chance to throw a dart at Sony, which the executive said was the top company in the market. The CEO of the company that owns Xbox said that the Japanese, who have spoken out against this deal and what it might mean for PlayStation, have bought a few things so far this year. “Let’s compete,” he said. “If this is for competition, let’s compete.”

Microsoft optimistic in Activision Blizzard deal

Satya Nadella made similar arguments to defend the Activision Blizzard merger in February. He claimed the industry was fragmented. Besides, even after the purchase, it would generate less money than Tencent and Sony.

“Even after this purchase, we’ll be number three, with a fairly small share of the market […]. Yes, we’ll be a big player, but in a space with a lot of small ones “He had made that clear.

The new things that Microsoft’s CEO said did not come to light by accident. The UK Competition and Markets Authority said last week that they would look into the deal again. He is worried that the purchase of Activision Blizzard will lead to business practices that hurt other companies. And what happens in Britain could affect how regulators look at important markets like the European Union and the U.S.

The biggest worry in the industry is that games like Call of Duty might only be available on Xbox. Microsoft insists that this is not what it wants to do, and Phil Spencer has said this more than once. But they are not sure about Sony. A few days ago, Jim Ryan, CEO of PlayStation, said that Microsoft’s plan to keep the popular shooter on PlayStation was “wrong on many levels.”

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