Meta designs a WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook payment model

Meta designs a WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook payment model

A Meta team is working on the future service payment model within the company’s social networks. Only, yes, if advertising revenue ends up being unsustainable.

An internal report seen by The Verge implies Meta may add payment options to its star apps. Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp would confront their first payment methods, likely freemium.

The project, developed by the Meta monetization area, would be looking for new ways and viable ways of income for Zuckerberg’s company. A process that, in any case, is still far from becoming a reality. The quintessential social network claims that its ad-based business model remains at the forefront of the company’s strategy. These models, which despite everything are already on the table, would be focused on finding a viable solution in a hypothetical scenario in which the model collapses. And it is that Meta has a history with this situation.

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Fueled almost entirely by the millionaire benefits of advertising, the last few months have seen how the sector has fallen. In addition to the changes that Apple’s iOS has introduced on its platform. Something that cost 10,000 million dollars to the social network. Already in the presentation of results for this year, the company showed a decrease of 36% of its income. For the next presentations, the situation is not expected to improve. Nor in the volume of users. In a context in which technology is bleeding into income and users , the idea of ​​putting up payment barriers does not seem too suggestive. At least to resolve the issue of the volume of followers of Meta services.

Meta designs a WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook payment model

Payment model on Meta

In any case, it has not transpired what Meta wants to do to introduce payment models on Instagram, Facebook or WhatsApp. They do point to the fact that, if necessary, it would be a value bet for the activity of the technology company. For now, everything indicates that it will not be a short-term change. Nor for a medium term. Millions of Facebook users will continue to rely on free services and advertisements as Facebook’s major source of revenue. Although there are certainly payment models in some of the Meta options. However, those groups, company chats on WhatsApp or content creators charging for subscriptions are minor systems.

All in all, although the payment options could be an important point in the distribution of income, it is not expected in a horizon of the next 5 years. Although the state of the competition may advance Facebook’s decision. TikTok, Twitter or Telegram have been working on these models for some time and, apparently, with success that points to a future of paid social networks.

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