Leaks promote ‘Silent Hill’s’ comeback

Leaks promote 'Silent Hill's' comeback

More leaks show that the ‘Silent Hill’s’ comeback is very close to happening. There would be more than one project in the works. As the time goes on, the rumors about Silent Hill’s long-awaited return get stronger. In May, a leak showed that a new game in the series was being made, and this week, more information about the game came out. There’s a lot to say about what’s going around on the internet right now.

First, @the marmolade on Twitter posted pictures that he said were from a presentation demo shown to Konami. Bloober Team, which made horror games like The Medium, Blair Witch, Layers of Fear, and Observer, would be in charge of this project. It would be the long-rumored remake of Silent Hill 2.

According to information from VGC, the user who sent those pictures is telling the truth. In fact, they back up the idea that they are part of the Silent Hill 2 remake. At this point, it’s important to remember that Bloober Team and Konami made a deal to work together in the middle of the year before. Even though they didn’t say much, it seems likely that their deal has something to do with Silent Hill, since the studio has a lot of experience making horror games.

‘Silent Hill’s’ comeback

On the other hand, Blobber Team will also be working with PlayStation on projects that haven’t been announced yet. In this way, VGC makes sure that PlayStation and PC consoles will be the only places to play the remake of Silent Hill 2. Yes, it is unknown if Sony is paying for the project.

Silent Hill isn’t the only game in development.

The guessing doesn’t stop here. In addition to the pictures of the remake, another leak showed that other projects in the franchise may be in the works. One of them, Sakura, could be a teaser for Silent Hill 5 that you can play. That is, a plan for Silent Hills like what PT was for the movie that didn’t get made.

Dusk Golem, who may be the most active Silent Hill insider, says that Sakura’s material is real and that it will be released soon. This experience would only be available for free on the PlayStation 5.

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But there are some discrepancies in the leaked documents when it comes to the release dates. Most of the dates have already passed, in 2021, and it’s clear that nothing came out. So, it is thought that the pandemic slowed down the development of these projects and made it impossible to meet the schedule that had been planned.

Medium-sized firms are making games with less ambitious aims besides Silent Hill 2 and its trailer. One would lead Annapurna Interactive, which created Stray, The Pathless, Journey, and Outer Wilds.

When will we know? This could be it. The Game Awards gala and a new PlayStation show are rumored for 2022. We’ve never had so much evidence Silent Hill will return. It’s imminent…

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