iPhone X Wallpapers: 20 Images for an AMOLED Screen

Apple iPhone X

If you\’re looking for the iPhone X AMOLED images or wallpapers, but you don\’t have any idea how to access them or download them, then this article is for you. 

What if you\’re getting your new iPhone X and want to customize it with a new wallpaper? If you\’re anything like us, you probably don\’t know where to look for some beautiful, high-quality wallpapers that are compatible with the display of your phone.

Apple\’s latest iPhone is the iPhone X and it features a number of new features – including an AMOLED screen, which is different from the screens featured on previous iPhone models. The screen has curved edges that make it blend seamlessly into the phone\’s bezel, giving you a full-screen amazing experience.

Moreover, the iPhone X is not only a beautiful smartphone by Apple, but it\’s also a work of art. People appreciate the craftsmanship and the premium design that Apple has put into this new device. When you put this sleek piece of technology in your hands, you want to make sure that you have an equally attractive background or wallpaper for your home screen – and that\’s where these 20 images come in.

What Is an AMOLED Screen?

An AMOLED screen is a type of display technology used in smartphones and other devices. These screens are known for their high contrast ratios and bright colors. They also use less power than other types of screens, which helps to extend battery life.

iPhone Xs come with a new type of AMOLED screen that is even more advanced than previous versions. This new screen has a higher pixel density and supports HDR content. It also features an OLED panel that is more efficient than traditional LCD panels.

OLED panels are made up of organic materials that emit light when an electrical current is applied. This means that each pixel can be turned on or off independently. This results in better image quality and lower power consumption, ultimately resulting in better smartphone overall performance.

How to Get iPhone X Wallpapers: 20 Images for an Amoled Screen


As you may know, the iPhone X has a Super Retina OLED display. This means that the pixels emit their own light, which results in deeper blacks and more vibrant colors. If you\’re looking for wallpapers that take advantage of this, you\’ve come to the right place. Here are 20 iPhone X wallpapers that are perfect for an AMOLED screen display.

  1. Moon Landing
  2. Dice
  3. Lion
  4. Abstract Polygon
  5. Star Field
  6. Watch Tower
  7. Tracks
  8. Traffic Lights
  9. Finn Adventure Time
  10. Batman
  11. The Joker
  12. Spider-man
  13. Deadpool
  14. Iron-man
  15. Polygon Deer
  16. Light Bulb
  17. Forest In Winter
  18. Porsche
  19. Volcanic Explosion
  20. Abstract Cloud

These are the top 20 iPhone X AMOLED images, one can get on the internet today. But if for some reason, you don\’t like any of the above wallpapers, then you can try one of these.

  1. 3D Dice
  2. Clearing
  3. 3D Skulls
  4. Longcats
  5. 3D Candy
  6. Hollow Knight – The Knight
  7. Saitama – One Punch Man
  8. Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy
  9. Zebra Crossing
  10. Nebula
  11. City Scape
  12. Eclipse
  13. True Black – Eiffel Tower
  14. True Black – Building

How to Use These Wallpapers Effectively

The iPhone X has a new type of screen called an Amoled screen. This type of screen uses pixels that emit their own light. This means that the screen can display images with very high contrast and bright colors.

The iPhone X comes with a set of default wallpapers that are designed to look good on this type of screen. However, you can also use any other image as wallpaper. For example, you can use a photo that you have taken yourself.

To use a custom image as your wallpaper, open the Settings app and tap on Wallpaper. Next, tap on Choose a New Wallpaper. You will see a list of options, including Camera Roll, Recents, Favorites, Selfies, Live Photos, and All Photos Library. Choose the location where your custom image is saved. Tap on the image to select it. Now, drag the image to set it accordingly with the phone screen. Finally, tap on one of these options depending on your own choice i.e.,

  • Set Lock Screen
  • Set Home Screen
  • Or Set Both 

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We hope you enjoyed this collection of iPhone X AMOLED images and wallpapers. The AMOLED screen on the iPhone X is truly a work of art, and these images do it justice. Whether you\’re looking for something abstract or something more traditional, there\’s an image here for you. Be sure to save your favorites so that you can enjoy them every time you pick up your iPhone.

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