iPhone 14 cases have revealed

iPhone 14 cases have revealed, and the design is similar to other brands

Leaks about the upcoming iPhone 14 are coming out so fast that it’s hard to keep up with them. After seeing CADs and covers for the Apple Watch Pros, official and third-party iPhone 14s cases have surfaced.

First, let’s talk about the official covers. You can see them in all their glory, in both leather and silicone, and in a wide range of colors. Like midnight, succulent, plaster pink, red, violet, sunlight, storm blue, and elder for the silicone models. Orange, brown, golden brown, midnight blue, black, and green for the leather models. Here’s a closer look at the “sunlight” yellow silicone:

iPhone 14 cases

The hole in the camera covers is a little bit bigger, which Korean user yeux1122 has also been able to show in his own photos.

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On the other hand, we have another strange leak: people who went to the IFA 2022 technology fair in Berlin recently could see that some third-party manufacturers already had their own iPhone 14 cases on their stands. You can find the tests at JVTech:

iPhone 14 cases

The “pill” that replaces the front notch, but they aren’t connected by black pixels like a new rumour says they are. Even though it looks like Lightning, the connector can also be seen. Few complaints have been raised, although it’s possible the designer took a render from the internet.

There is not much more that can be learned about what the iPhone 14 has in store for us at this point. On Wednesday evening, beginning at seven o’clock, all of us will have the opportunity to view it.

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