iPadOS 16 beta Stage Manager is available on selected non-M1 iPad Pro models

iPadOS 16 beta Stage Manager is available on selected models

After previously deciding against adding iPadOS 16 Stage Manager to earlier iPad Pro devices, Apple appears to have changed its mind. In the new beta for developers, models with an A12X or A12Z chip can already use this function.

One of the best things about iPadOS 16 is the Stage Manager. With this feature, Apple improved the iPad’s ability to switch between tasks, making it more of a mix between a tablet and a computer than ever before. But the Stage Manager did have some problems. One of the main ones was that it only worked on M1 processors. Today, however, Apple has decided to add the feature to older iPad Pro models.

At first, the Stage Manager would only work with iPad Pros with the M1 chip, but the Cupertino brothers have just changed their minds. Stage Manager is now available on iPad Pro models with processors before the M1 in iPadOS 16.1 Developer Beta 3. So, the A12X and the A12Z. So, the feature is now on more devices, but it no longer does what it used to.

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Engadget was the first place to write about it. In this section, they say that Stage Manager is now available on more iPad models, but Apple has taken away a feature that makes it very useful. This is the ability to extend the Stage Manager desktop to an external display, which has been taken away from all iPads, even those with M1. In the second case, it seems to be a temporary change.

What’s new in the latest beta version of iPadOS 16

The ability to connect the iPad screen to an external monitor will be added back to iPad Pros with the M1 update in the future, so it hasn’t been taken away for good. Why did Apple choose to take this feature away? It turned out that it made the Stage Manager hard to use, so Cupertino decided to take a little more time to finish polishing it.

As for the iPad Pro’s A12X and A12Z processors, there’s no need to worry about what they can do. These devices still have enough power to run the Stage Manager without too much trouble. Of course, only the M1 will be able to show the desktop on a screen outside of the computer.

Apple told Engadget, “We’re introducing Stage Manager as a whole new way to multitask with overlapping, resizable windows on both the iPad screen and a separate external display, and the ability to run up to eight apps at once.” They also say that support for more than one screen is only possible with the M1’s power:

“In response, our teams have worked hard to come up with a single-screen version for these systems that can show up to four apps at once.”

Apple on Engadget

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