Instagram tackles harassment, sensitive content

Instagram tackles harassment, sensitive content

Instagram has announced new settings that will make it harder for teens to access sensitive content.

It has claimed to take action to stop harassment and keep kids from seeing sensitive content on the network. In a new update to its tools for keeping teens safe, the company confirmed this. Also, they added that it will start restricting content even more by default.

The idea is to turn on by default a number of the tools that it announced in June to protect against offensive content and harassment. So, the Instagram Sensitive Content Control system will automatically turn on the “Less” option for users younger than 16 years old.

Right now, Instagram accounts made by teens have the “Standard” display option turned on.. This means that by default, much more sensitive content is shown than should be available to the youngest kids.

More Instagram control as algorithm decides access

According to Instagram, the change will make it harder for teens to access “potentially sensitive content” that goes beyond the main feed.

But for people who already use Instagram, the app will let you look over your account settings. They can choose who can reshare their content, who can send them a message, and how much time they spend on Instagram.

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These new account restrictions are a way to fight harassment and sensitive content. Even more so now that almost everything that teenagers see on the Internet is based on algorithms.

New security measures ban messaging from adults to teen users who don’t follow them.. This option shows some reminders, such as “Don’t feel like you have to answer.” Also, messages like “Share only with people you know and trust” and “Your safety comes first.”

The suggestions for sensitive content have already been made available, and all users will get them over time.

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