How to use the iPhone camera to translate any text

iPhone camera translate text

We can translate text by pointing the iPhone camera at it and focusing on it. And now, with iOS 16, this translation is done by the same system. This is the best choice for both privacy and speed.

We all think Safari interprets pages in languages we don’t know when we visit the Internet. We also know that any text can be translated by going to the Translate app or just picking it. But what if we find a text out in the world?

Pointing the camera is all it takes

iOS 16 gives us two ways to translate a text using the camera on our iPhone. On the one hand, all of our phones come with the Translate app. To use it to translate any text we can take a picture of, all we have to do is open it and go to the Camera tab. Then we just point and touch the “shoot” button. The translated text will appear in front of us.

translate any text using iPhone camera

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You can also use the Camera app directly, which is faster and will come in handy in many situations. All we have to do is open the camera app and focus on a word. We’ll see that the system automatically figures out what the text is and puts the Live Text button in the bottom right corner.

After we touch this button, the text will show up and a button that says “Translate” will show up in the bottom left corner. With just one touch, the whole image will be quickly translated. We didn’t even have to take the photo; we just had to point the camera and tap “translate.”

Sometimes when we have to translate texts we don’t understand these kinds of details. However, it’s very easy for us to handle these translations on the fly with our iPhone. Translations, which, as we’ve just seen, are much easier to do with iOS 16. Just set the camera’s focus, and you’re done.

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