How to Use Amazon Music on Apple Watch

How to Use Amazon Music on Apple Watch

It can be difficult to find the perfect song when you\’re out and about, so luckily for you, with Amazon Music for Apple Watch, you\’ll never have that problem again. Check out this article to see \”How to Use Amazon Music on Apple Watch\” and start listening to your favorite tunes on the go!

Amazon Music is a music streaming service that offers a vast library of songs and albums to its users. Like any other online music service, you can use Amazon Music on your PC, smartphone, or tablet but it also has an inbuilt app for Apple Watch. This blog post provides a detailed step-by-step guide on how to set up and use Amazon Music through Apple Watch.

If you have an Apple Watch, you know that the device only allows for a certain number of apps to be loaded at once. This can pose a problem when it comes to music apps, as there are many different options out there. But don\’t worry, here we’ll talk about how to use Amazon Music on your Apple Watch and give you some tips to make sure you\’re getting the most out of both devices. 

Just stay with us for the next couple of minutes and we assure you that you will not get disappointed in the end after reading this article.

Step-By-Step Guide to Use Amazon Music on Apple Watch


You need to follow the next mentioned steps in chronological order in order to start enjoying using Amazon Music on your Apple Smartwatch. Here is what needs to be done:

  1. First, open a web browser on your Macbook.
  2. Next, navigate to this link.
  3. After that, download the \”TunePat Amazon Music Converter\” from here.
  4. Now, once downloaded successfully, proceed with installing it on your MacBook.
  5. Next, after the installation process is completed, move it inside the Applications folder.
  6. After that, launch the application and log in to your Amazon account.
  7. Now, as soon as you are signed in, you will see a gear-shaped icon (i.e., Settings icon) appearing in the top right-hand corner of your MacBook screen. Click on it.
  8. Next, from the dropdown menu present right next to the Output Format option, click on MP3.
  9. After that, from the dropdown menu present right next to the Output Quality option, click on 256gbps.
  10. Now, save your made changes by clicking on the OK button present at the bottom.
  11. Next, from the home screen, download the tracks of your liking.
  12. After that, click on the button labeled Add.
  13. Now, check the songs selected, and then click on the Convert button.

Next, you need to be patient and wait until all the soundtracks are successfully converted to the MP3 format. Once this process is completed successfully, now what you need to do is add these converted files to your Apple Music library. This can be done by performing the below-mentioned steps sequentially.

Adding Converted Files to Your Apple Music library

  1. First, attach your iPhone to your MacBook using a connecting cable.
  2. Next, launch the Apple Music application on your MacBook.
  3. After that, from the left pane click on your iPhone device under the Devices section.
  4. Now, navigate to the Menu bar and inside it click on the option labeled File followed by clicking on Import.
  5. Next, look for the songs that have been converted previously. 
  6. After that, insert the songs into your iPhone.

We know that it is quite a lengthy process but once it is done you will relish Amazon Music on your Apple Watch for the rest of your life hassle-freely. Just complete the next few steps and then you are ready to go.

  1. First, connect your Apple Watch to your MacBook.
  2. Next, launch the dedicated \”Watch\” application from your iPhone.
  3. After that, go on and tap on the option labeled My Watch, present at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Now, keep scrolling until you reach the option named Music. Tap on it.
  5. Next, under the PLAYLISTS & ALBUMS section, tap on the option Add Music.
  6. After that, add the downloaded and then converted soundtracks to your iPhone.

Note: Finally, with the above step completed, you can now start listening to your favorite songs on your Apple Watch. The only difference is that instead of using the Amazon Music app, you’ll still need to rely on Apple Music to play these songs.

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If you\’re an Amazon Music subscriber and you own an Apple Watch, you can now take your tunes with you wherever you go. In this article, we showed you how to set up and use Amazon Music on your Apple Watch. We hope you found this guide helpful and that you enjoy listening to your favorite music now without any issues.

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