How to update to Android Auto 8.1 beta

update to Android Auto 8.1 beta

Now that Android Auto is at version 8.1 beta, you can update it by downloading. This version comes out about three weeks after the last beta and a few days after version 8.0 reached the stable phase. This is the beta version of 8.1.123404.

Versions of Android Auto come and go, but the list of new features doesn’t change. This list is still a mystery because Google hasn’t added to it in months. People who were hoping to have Coolwalk now will be disappointed by the new version. At least for now, the expected redesign has not yet come.

Android Auto 8.1 is out

Android Auto gets updates, but you won’t notice any changes unless, as usual, Google makes them from a server far away. You can now download Android Auto 8.1 Beta, but at least for now, updating to the new version won’t change anything you can see.

This means that Coolwalk is not yet working out of the box after updating to Android Auto 8.1 Beta, but it seems likely that Google has already made changes on the inside before the Coolwalk redesign comes out. We were told this makeover with a card interface and greater multitasking would come this summer, and it’s almost here.

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Update to Android Auto 8.1 beta

The only thing that is clear is that you want the latest version of Android Auto so that you can be one of the first to try out the new features. This is why there is a beta program. If you want to install Android Auto 8.1 Beta but aren’t a part of the beta on Google Play, you can update by doing the following:

  • Launch the Android Auto 8.1 Beta download page in APKMirror in the browser
  • Choose either the ARM or ARM64 architecture for your phone (if it is a current mobile, it is almost certainly the second)Get the file, then open it.
  • If it asks for permission, give it to the browser or app you used so it can install apps.
  • Install it on your Android Auto as an update.

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