How to Turn off Low Data Mode on iPhone

How to Turn off Low Data Mode on iPhone

From time to time, you may have noticed that your iPhone starts acting sluggish and unresponsive. One of the sole reasons for this is the low data mode. This mode on iPhone turns off background updates which can affect the performance of your smartphone.

Ever notice that your iPhone was running slow or not connecting to the internet? Well, it could be due to low data mode. In this article, we\’ll show you how to turn off low data mode on iPhone, with the aid of a step-by-step guide. But first, let\’s start with what this is, and why you might want to turn it off.

Low Data Mode on iPhone


With iOS 13, Apple unveiled a feature called \”Low Data Mode\”, which proved useful in more ways than one. The primary benefit was reduced mobile and WiFi data use, which was especially helpful for those whose internet service is limited.

In addition to switching the connection to a slower frequency, this feature blocks periodic software updates and limits background app refresh for most applications. This will ultimately result in net savings for users, across multiple domains i.e., mobile data, battery life, and overall internet usage.

Although, today, when unlimited bandwidth and data packages seem to be commonplace and data is inexpensive, you may want to disable this feature on your iPhone. So, just stay with us for the next couple of minutes, and keep reading to learn how to do it effectively. We assure you that you will not get disappointed in the end!

Why One Must Turn off Low Data Mode on His/Her iPhone?


Low Data Mode is a new feature in iOS 13 that limits the amount of data your iPhone uses. This can be helpful if you\’re on a limited data plan, or if you\’re traveling and don\’t want to incur roaming charges. However, there are some trade-offs as well.

There are several reasons why one might want to turn off low data mode on their iPhone. For example, if you\’re downloading a large file or streaming video, you\’ll need to toggle off this mode to avoid interruption.

Additionally, some apps may not work correctly while low data mode is enabled, so you may need to turn this feature off in order to use them properly. With Low Data Mode enabled, certain functionalities, like iCloud backups and automatic downloads, will also be disabled.

Moreover, it may prevent emails from loading properly or cause web pages to load more slowly than usual. Finally, if you\’re going to be using your iPhone in an area with poor cellular reception, you\’ll surely want to turn off low data mode to ensure that you can still access the required data when you need it.

Step-By-Step Guide to Turn off Low Data Mode for Cellular Data on iPhone


If you\’re not a fan of Low Data Mode on your iPhone, here\’s a step-by-step guide on how to turn it off for mobile/cellular data. Here is what needs to be done:

  1. First, launch the \”Settings\” application on your iPhone.
  2. Next, find the option labeled \”Mobile Data\”. Once found, tap on it
  3. After that, proceed with tapping on the option i.e., \”Mobile Data Options\”.
  4. Now, tap on the toggle button present right next to the option named \”Low Data Mode\”, to successfully disable it. That\’s all!

Once this is done, Low Data Mode will be turned off, and your iPhone will no longer limit your data usage. Finally, you can now enjoy using your iOS device without worrying about conserving data.

Step-By-Step Guide to Turn off Low Data Mode for Wi-Fi on iPhone


If you\’re sick of your iPhone constantly nagging you to turn off Low Data Mode for Wi-Fi, here\’s a quick guide on how to do it. Just follow the next-mentioned steps carefully and you are good to go.

  1. First, open the \”Settings\” app on your iPhone.
  2. Next, find the option labeled \”Wi-Fi\”. Once found, tap on it
  3. After that, proceed with tapping on the information icon ⓘ, present on the right-hand side of your selected Wi-Fi network.
  4. Now, tap on the toggle button present right next to the option named \”Low Data Mode\”, to successfully disable it.

Finally, with this, you will no longer face hindrance if you need to use data-intensive apps. Above all, now you can reclaim your full data allowance, and enjoy your iPhone at its full potential.

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With Low Data Mode turned on your iPhone, you can save on your monthly data allowance and extend the battery life of your mobile device exceptionally. However, if you are fed up and need to turn off this mode for any reason, simply follow the steps mentioned in the article above.

In just a few taps, you\’ll be back to using your iPhone at full data speeds. Although it can be a great way to limit internet usage, sometimes it\’s just not necessary. If you find that you\’re not using all of your data each month, consider turning off low data mode right now, to enjoy a faster and more reliable connection.

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