How to Take a Screenshot in Microsoft Edge

How to Take a Screenshot in Microsoft Edge

Taking screenshots is a great way to show off your work, whether you\’re a graphic designer, blogger, programmer, or student. Screenshots are also an essential part of explaining how to use certain software for tech support. In this article, we\’ll cover how to take a screenshot in Microsoft Edge: what you\’ll need, the steps involved, and some extra tips that might make it easier for you.

Microsoft Edge is Microsoft\’s newest web browser, first launched back in April 2015. It\’s packed with powerful features and tools that will let you do more stuff online than ever before. One way it makes navigating the web faster and easier is with a built-in screenshot tool.

This blog post explains how to use Microsoft Edge\’s screenshot tool so that you can share anything on your screen, including messages from your friends, photos from your favorite social media sites, or an error message from your PC.

Step-By-Step Guide to Take a Screenshot in Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge has a built-in feature that allows you to take a screenshot of any web page hassle-freely. It is named \”Web Capture\”. Follow the next-mentioned steps carefully, to take a screenshot in the Microsoft Edge web browser using this brilliant tool. Here is what needs to be done, step-by-step.

Via \”Web Capture\” Option

  1. First, launch the \”Microsoft Edge\” web browser on your PC/Laptop.
  2. Next, navigate to the webpage of which you want to take the screenshot. 
  3. After that, click on the \”three horizontal dots\” icon appearing in the top right-hand corner of your screen.
  4. Now, from the context menu displayed, click on the option labeled \”Web Capture\”. Alternatively, you can also press these shortcut keys simultaneously to enable this feature i.e., Ctrl + Shift + S. 
  5. Next, your webpage will be frozen and two options will appear in front of you.
  6. After that, you can select one of them, depending on your choice. If you want to take a screenshot of only a specific area on the page, click on the option i.e., \”Capture Area\”. Otherwise, if you desire to take a screenshot of the whole webpage, then, in this case, click on \”Capture Full Page\”
  7. Now, if you clicked on the \”Capture Area\” option, for example, then you can drag the corners of the dotted line box, in order to select a particular area. 
  8. Next, once this is done, click on the option besides the image i.e., \”Markup Capture\”
  9. After that, proceed with clicking on the dropdown arrow appearing right next to the \”Draw\” option. This will result in different color options appearing on your screen. 
  10. Now, pick a color of your own choice and also customize its thickness by moving the below slider, left or right. 
  11. Next, you can also use the \”Erase\” option, to delete anything made unnecessary on your taken screenshot.
  12. After that, once you are done with the customization process, proceed by clicking on the \”Save\” button, appearing in the upper right-hand corner of the window. 
  13. Now, this will ultimately result in saving the taken screenshot inside your \”PC\’s Downloads\” folder. That\’s all there is to it!

Add \”Web Capture\” to Microsoft Edge Toolbar


Moreover, you can also add the \”Web Capture\” feature inside the toolbar on your Microsoft Edge web browser. For this, you need to click on the three horizontal dots icon (appearing in the upper right-hand corner) -> right-click on the \”Web Capture\” option -> click on \”Show in Toolbar\”.

With this, now the \”Web Capture\” option will be seen among the other options in the toolbar. By simply clicking on it, you can take a screenshot in Microsoft Edge within seconds. 

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We hope this guide on how to take a screenshot in Microsoft Edge has been helpful and beneficial. Taking a screenshot in Microsoft Edge is easy and can be done in just a few simple steps, as already mentioned in the article above.

Whether you want to capture the whole screen or just a portion of it, Microsoft Edge has got you covered. Moreover, if you want to add annotations or highlight specific areas, you can do so after taking the screenshot as well.

So next time you need to take a screenshot, don\’t forget to give this amazing web browser a try. Once you know how to do it, you\’ll be able to take screenshots whenever you need them without any hassle.

Have you ever performed this task before reading this blog post? Whether you are successful in doing it or not? Which method did you use to do it? Has our explained method proved beneficial for you?

If you have done this previously, share your experience with us in the comments section below. You are also free to ask any questions or queries you have in your mind that are bothering you. We will appreciate it and try to answer them in the best possible manner.

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