How to Slide in Madden 22 and Why You Should

How to Slide in Madden 22 and Why You Should

If you\’re a gamer, then you know how important it is to have mastery over the controller in order to win. This article will break down exactly what you need to do to slide in Madden 22 and why you should start doing it today!

In the last Madden release, players were introduced to several new mechanics that opened up new gameplay possibilities. One of these is the ability to slide. Sliding can be used in a variety of ways, some more obvious than others.

The latest edition in the series is Madden NFL 22, and it’s better than ever. There are plenty of new features to be excited about, such as dynamic weather effects, updated passing mechanics, and an all-new Draft Champions mode with thousands of new cards. But there’s one new gameplay feature in particular that we think should have your attention: the ability to slide in Madden 22.

The best offense is a good defense, and the same can be said for football. That\’s why you should invest some time into mastering the art of sliding in Madden 22. Surely, it\’ll make you a more difficult target for defenders to tackle, plus keep your receivers out of harm\’s way when they\’re catching passes near the sideline.

Sliding in Madden 22 is a great way to break tackles and attract defenders. What does this mean for you? Getting the ball more often and scoring more touchdowns. Find out how to slide in Madden 22 and what the benefits are in this article.

Guide To Slide In Madden 22


Sliding in Madden 22 is a great way to avoid tackles and gain extra yards. To do it, quickly tap the \”Square\” button on PlayStation or the \”X\” button on Xbox while running forward.

Just be careful not to slide too early or too late, as doing so will result in a loss of yardage. Diving is useful for getting extra yards, but it can also be risky because you\’re more likely to get tackled.

Sliding is the safer option and can help you avoid big hits. It is also useful for gaining extra space when you are close to the first down marker or the end zone. Moreover, it doesn\’t take much time to do, so you can perform it multiple times in a game. Just be careful not to overdo it or you\’ll get tired and won\’t be able to run as fast.

Why You Should Slide In Madden 22


Sliding in Madden 22 can be very useful for a number of reasons. Let\’s have a look at these in the bullets points below:

  • It can help you avoid a tackle.
  • Assists in gaining extra yards.
  • Helps in avoiding a hit from a defensive player.
  • When you slide, you drastically reduce your speed, making it much harder for the defender to catch up to you.
  • You can also use the slide option to change directions quickly, making it difficult for the defender to anticipate your next move.
  • Sliding is especially effective when you’re near the sideline, as it allows you to stay in bounds while the defender runs out of bounds.
  • It also keeps the play alive so that you can have a chance to make a catch or run for a touchdown.
  • If you see a defender coming in for a huge hit, you can slide to avoid it.

Sliding takes a bit of practice to master, but it\’s worth it if you want to be successful in Madden 22.

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With Madden 22 right around the corner, it\’s time to start practicing your moves so you can dominate the competition. Sliding is one of the most important techniques you can use in Madden, and it can give you a big advantage if used correctly.

We hope our guide on how to slide in Madden 22 has helped you understand the mechanics behind this move and why you should be using it in your gameplay. With a little practice, you\’ll be sliding like a pro in no time!

Have you done this in the game, before reading this article? Whether you are successful in doing it or not? Which method did you use to perform this task?

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