How to shut down Windows 11 without any third-party app

Shut down Windows 11 without any app

One of the things I miss most about Windows 11 in comparison with macOS is the ability to enable the computer to shut down automatically as one more option in the system options. Something we can do with Windows 11, even though we have to take a few steps to shut down Windows 11 without any third-party app. This lets us stop using random apps.

This option can be turned on in Windows 11 by choosing the day, shutdown time, frequency… A process that we will now describe step by step. This process may be complicated, but we will now describe it step by step

Shut down Windows 11 without any third-party app

  • The first step is to go to the Start menu in Windows 11 and type the word Developer. Out of all the choices, we have to choose the one called “Task Scheduler.”
  • With this tool, you can set up automations in Windows. To do this, we have to click on the “Create basic task” option. This opens a window where the process starts.
  • We have a few steps to take. The first step is to name the task. In my case, I called it “Auto Power Off.”
  • Then we’ll have to decide how often we want the task, in this case shutting down automatically, to happen again. It can be “daily,” “once a week,” or “once a month.” We will also have to set the time and date for when we want the computer to turn off by itself, as well as how often you want it to do the same thing.
  • Now you need to tell Windows what to do. To do this, we choose “Start program” and then click “Next.”
  • Then, we click the “Browse” button to open Windows Explorer and look for the shutdown.exe application at the address C:WindowsSystem32. We use two clicks to choose it.
  • We go back to the previous screen and make sure that the bar says C:WindowsSystem32shutdown.exe. If everything looks good, click Next to move on to the next step.
  • Here, a summary will be shown to make sure that everything has been set up correctly. To confirm the scheduled shutdown, click the “Finish” button.

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