How to restart Android when power button is not working

There are times when we need to restart Android, even though we leave our phones on all the time. But what if all of the sudden the power button doesn’t work?

There are two parts of a smartphone that often break. The battery and the buttons, which are the mechanical parts. The buttons for power, volume, etc. The first one used to have a solution, but now it’s hard to find a new one. Even if the buttons stop working, we can still make our phone last a little longer. That is, besides the physical power button, there are other ways to restart your Android phone.

Restarting an Android device, especially a smartphone, doesn’t happen very often. We don’t have to worry about its useful life if we leave it on all day and charge it when we need to. But sometimes an app or game doesn’t work right, a patch or update doesn’t work right, or the phone just doesn’t work as it should. Many problems can be fixed with a quick restart.

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Usually, holding the volume up and power buttons turns off an Android smartphone. Then we wait a few seconds and hit the power button again. Other kinds of phones only need the power button. But what do we do if that button doesn’t work? Since the hardware, the button, doesn’t work, the easiest solution is to change the software, which is Android.

The Android shutdown menu to restart 


Android will work even if the buttons on your phone don’t. So instead of pressing the power button, we’ll go to the Android shutdown menu. You can find it in the quick settings at the top of the phone. You can open them up by dragging one or two fingers down from the top of the screen.

By default, you’ll be able to see the settings for WiFi, Bluetooth, and mobile data. But if you slide that menu down, you’ll see all the options, including a button to turn the device on and off. At least, this is true for Android 12 and later, where the power button is used by default to start the Google Assistant. If you press it, you’ll see three virtual buttons: Emergency, Shutdown, Restart. We want to restart because if we turn it off, we won’t be able to turn it back on.

Accessibility Menu on Android


Thanks to the Android accessibility menu, we’ll have a number of shortcuts at our fingertips, such as the ability to see recently used apps, lock the screen, lower or raise the volume, and more. Very useful for people who do a lot of different things, but also for anyone who uses Android. And the power button is the one that looks like one of these virtual buttons.

Depending on the version of Android you have, you may need to install accessibility options separately. In other words, you will need to get the Android Accessibility Suite app from Google Play. Once it’s been set up, we’ll turn on the accessibility menu.

Go to Settings > Accessibility > Accessibility menu to do this. We go into this menu and turn it on. Google will ask us the first time if we want this feature to control our Android phone. Yes, that’s the answer. Once it’s turned on, you’ll see a new icon in the Android bar. You can use it to look at open apps, go back, or go back to the desktop. When you tap on that icon that looks like a person, the menu for accessibility will open.

If you press the Power button in the accessibility menu, you will see the Android shutdown menu, which lets you restart or turn off your device. You won’t need your phone’s power button anymore.

Apps to activate Shutdown menu for Android restart


The two methods above are the quickest and easiest to use. But if you’re still not sure, you can try one of the many apps on Google Play that can turn off and restart Android. Since apps are such an important part of a phone, there are two kinds: ones that require root and ones that don’t.

Getting your Android to “root” is hard, so we should just forget about it and use one of the other options we have. The main thing that Android shutdown or restart apps do is show the menu for shutting down Android. You have to give them permission to do this for it to work. Most of the time, from Settings > Accessibility.

Here are three apps that can be used to restart Android from the Android shutdown menu. You install them and put them on your desktop. With a few clicks, you can turn off or restart your phone. And without having to use your phone’s physical power button.

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