How to Play Gomoku on iMessage

How to Play Gomoku on iMessage

Everyone has a go-to game to play on their smartphone, but do you know how to play Gomoku on iMessage? It\’s a simple yet challenging strategy board game that takes some brain power to win. Check out the article for more details and learn how to get started in this exciting mobile game today.

Gomoku is a game that has been around for many centuries and has managed to stay popular among the masses. The game requires a lot of strategy, patience, and luck if it\’s to be played successfully. In this blog post, we’ll teach you how to play Gomoku with your friends on iMessage, so that you can challenge your friends on the go.

First Install Gomoku on iMessage 


Gomoku is a board game that’s played by two players or four players in teams of two who take turns placing one stone at a time on an empty board. The objective of the game is to connect five stones in a row, horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.

But before diving deep into the details, let\’s first have a look at the steps following which you can get Gomoku on your iPhone, inside the iMessage app.

  1. First, navigate to the \”Messages\” application on your iPhone and open it.
  2. Next, open an \”iMessage conversation\” thread. You can either open a previously held chat or launch a fresh one.
  3. After that, you will see the \”App Drawer\” icon appearing in the middle of the camera icon and the iMessage text field. Tap on it.
  4. Now, a series of \”iMessage apps\” options will start appearing on your iPhone screen in a row. From them, tap on the Apple App Store.
  5. Next, you will see the Apple App Store window opening. Once it is fully launched, tap on the \”search\” icon.
  6. After that, inside the search field, type the following name i.e., \”GamePigeon\” followed by tapping on the \”search\” icon.
  7. Now, as soon as the searching process is finished, you will land on the page with the \”GamePigeon\” app. Finally, tap on the \”Get\” button to have it in your iMessage app.

Note: If you search for Gomoku instead of GamePigeon, you’ll end up empty-handed or getting no search results. GamePigeon is a collection of two-player games in iMessage that offers Gomoku and other games like Mancala, 8-Ball Pool, Chess, etc., under their umbrella.

Play Gomoku on iMessage


After the installation process is successfully done, now you can easily play Gomoku on your iPhone using the iMessage app. For this, you need to navigate back to the Apple Drawer option inside the iMessage application. But, first, make sure to close the Apple App store. 

Here, from the set of available app options in the Apple Drawer, tap on the one labeled \”GamePigeon\”. Now, a window will open in front of you with all the game applications. From here, you need to search for the Gomoku app thumbnail and tap on it. 

With this, the game will launch inside the iMessage textbox. You can also send the game invitation to your best buddies and family members as well. If the recipient accepts your invite, then he/she will start the game by playing the first move.  

Gomoku Game Rules


Mentioned next are the rules and regulations that all the participants must follow in order to play Gomoku on iMessage peacefully. 

  • This game comprises of 12×12 square board with a separate set of black and white stones.
  • The black stones are appointed to \”Player 1\” automatically.
  • Each player has one turn in which he/she has to place a stone on the square board at the intersection point of tiles.
  • The objective of the game is to connect five stones in a row, horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.
  • Once, a stone is placed you need to tap on the \”Send\” button present at the bottom. This will prompt the rival player to make their move.
  • One thing we need to make clear over here is that you can make changes any amount of time you like before tapping on the \”Send\” button. But once it is tapped, your move is locked and can\’t be altered.
  • The player who gets five stones in a row, horizontally, vertically, or diagonally at first, wins the game. For making the opponent lose, you not only have to spend all your brain making your five stones come in a row. You can also block their moves that are leading them to glory.

Note: According to a survey, the player who gets the first turn traditionally enjoys an advantage that increases their odds of winning over the second player. So, when you want to have a match of Gomoku, the first strategy you can employ is to get your friend to send you the game invite so you can have the first turn.

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If you\’re a fan of strategy games, then you\’ll love playing Gomoku on iMessage. It\’s easy to learn and lots of fun to play, making it the perfect game to while away a few minutes (or hours) with friends.

With these simple tips mentioned in this article, you\’ll be playing this game like a pro in no time. So gather up your friends, fire up iMessage, and get ready for some serious Gomoku action. What are you waiting for? Give it a go today!

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