How to personalize the Lock Screen in Windows

Personalize the Lock Screen in Windows

Start with the Lock screen if you want to change how Windows looks. When we turn on the PC, it is the first thing we see.

It is also called the home screen, the login screen, or the lock screen. When you turn on your PC, it’s the first thing you see. And if you haven’t set up autostart, that’s where you have to enter your password to get into Windows. Since it’s a screen you’ll see every day, why not make it look the way you want and start over with Windows?

We just learned how to change Windows by adding animated backgrounds. A creative and fun way to make one of the screens you see most often on your monitor more interesting. And the start screen is usually next to the desktop when you turn on the computer or lock it for safety if you’re going to be away. Remember that you can lock the screen by pressing the Windows and L keys together.

So, to change the Windows lock screen, we’ll look at what Microsoft’s own operating system lets us do. The goal is to have as much of our own stuff on the home screen as possible. It’s simple, quick, and you’ll use it every day.

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Personalize the home screen

To start this task, we will need to go to Windows Configuration. In particular, to the section called “Personalization.” And in Lock screen in particular. Settings can be found in the Start menu, by pressing the Windows + I keys, or by searching for it in Windows.

First, go to Lock screen settings. There, we can choose what we want to see on the home screen as a background. Windows Featured Content, which is mostly high-quality photos from Bing, is turned on by default. 

But if you don’t like those photos or would rather use one of your own, you can change that option to Image. If you click Browse photos, you can choose either a Windows wallpaper or one of your own photos. You can also choose whether or not to see suggestions from Windows. Choose the third option, called Slideshow, if you just want to see random photos from a folder or collection that you own.

If you choose Presentation, you will also be able to turn off the screen when the image presentation is over or when you lock Windows. Another very useful option is the one that lets you show pictures you took with your camera or phone and have on your PC or in your OneDrive folder.

What do you want the lock screen to show?

Aside from the wallpaper, the time and date are the most noticeable parts of the Windows start screen. It is what we see there by default. But we can replace that information with something else that is just as important. For example, the latest messages you’ve received or the weather forecast.

We’ll go to Lock screen status by going to Settings > Personalization > Lock screen. By default, the drop-down menu is set to Calendar. You can also choose None, Mail, or Weather. This way, you can see useful information when you turn on your PC or when the screen is locked. Or, on the other hand, don’t show anything but your account and a place to type in the password. This will let you get a better look at the image in the background.

Even though Windows doesn’t give us a lot of ways to change the start screen, we can do good things with what we do have. For example, we can make custom backgrounds with images that have messages on them, like a list of things to do, and add them to the lock screen. Or, when you lock the Windows screen, you can just look at a photo album.

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