How to open ASPX files on Windows

open ASPX files

Have you ever come across something like, indicating the .aspx URL extension in your browser’s address bar? ASPX files aren’t common but you will run into them if you download the source code for an app. The file type may be peculiar for most users but it can be accessed easily. Just like the .docx file formats are for documents, or the .pdf formats are for read-only documents, or the .zip file format for compressed files, the .aspx extension is for files created in the .net language.

ASPX file

ASPX stands for Active Server Page Extended file. They are pages often developed with the Microsoft Visual Web Developer for the Microsoft ASP.NET framework. They are sometimes called .Net web forms. This is a webpage but instead of using the HTML language, it is processed and translated to HTML when the file is read or loaded by a website in a modern web browser.

How to open ASPX files

As far as opening an ASPX file goes, you do not need to set up a server or install complicated apps to accomplish this. Nevertheless, most operating systems, especially Windows OS, don’t open the .aspx file format directly. Follow the given steps to access it:

1. Change the extension of the ASPX file

2. Open ASPX files with a third-party program

3. Open ASPX files with online tools

1. Open ASPX Files – Change the extension in a Web browser

Sometimes the browser failed to correct the file’s extension. It could happen to any file in PDF, Docx, or XLSX file format. The only reason you can’t open it is because of that altered extension. Unlike an HTML file that you can open with a text editor, ASPX files need a PDF viewer to open. All you’ll have to do here is to change the file extension from .aspx to .pdf and open it in your web browser later. But first, follow this guide to allow Windows to show the file format.

1. Open File Explorer.

2. Select the View tab.

3. Check the ‘Show extensions’ option.

4. Or open the Run dialog box, type in control folders, and hit ENTER.

5. Go to the View tab and uncheck the Hide extensions for the known file types checkbox. Click OK.

6. Navigate to the ASPX file and select it.

7. Now, right-click on the ASPX file, and then select Rename.

8. Change the file format, ASPX to PDF.

9. Right-click the file and click Open with and choose any of your updated browsers like Chrome.

2. Open ASPX files – Third-party web development program

If converting an ASPX file to a PDF and opening it in a browser doesn\’t work for you, you can use a web development tool in its place. There are plenty of free and easy to use web development tools like Notepad++, Microsoft Visual Studio and Adobe Dreamweaver. Make sure to use an updated browser to use any of these tools.

1. Download and install Notepad++.

2. Go to File Explorer.

3. Right-click the file and click Open with from the context menu.

4. Select Notepad++ to open the file.

If you have Microsoft Visual Studio installed on your system, it is the best app to use to view an ASPX file. Of course, Visual Studio will also install a lot of other things on your system to help with development, If you’re not a developer, installing Visual Studio to view an ASPX file is going overboard.

3. Open ASPX files – Online tools

You can use free online file converter tools to convert the .aspx files to .html. , pdf, etc file formats and then open the file. However, since ASPX files have unique elements, it is not always advisable to alter them. For instance, HTML are static files and converting ASPX to HTML can also affect the dynamic elements of the page. Still, if you open it in an ASPX editor, you can save the file as ASP, ASMX, HTM, HTML, JS, MSGX, SRF, SVC, WSF, VBS, and many other formats.

Many web apps for web development allow you to open ASPX files in your browser unchanged. You do not have to convert them to PDF. Instead, the web app can read the APSX file as it is. You don’t have to install additional apps as long as you have an updated browser like Chrome or Firefox installed on your system.

You can also try other dedicated ASPX file viewers like File Pro Info’s ASPX viewer to open an ASPX file in your browser.

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Most times, you can find the .aspx extension on files downloaded from a site that can be easily accessed. These files shouldn’t be mistaken for Web Handler files ASHX. The ASPX files are server-generated Web pages and are often written in C# or VBScript. Web developers use this web application framework to produce dynamic applications and websites.

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