How to download and install the free latest version of Windows 11

Want to download Windows 11 and install it? We show you how to get the new Microsoft operating system on your computer.

Launch day for Windows 11 has finally come. Microsoft has started to roll out Windows 11, which is the next version of Windows. It has a new look and new tools that try to keep up with the times. They might be thinking about downloading and setting up this new operating system already because of this. Here, you’ll find all the information you need to make the jump.

Even though Windows 11 is officially out today, October 5, that doesn’t mean that everyone will be able to download and install it at the same time. Microsoft has said that it will use a gradual rollout to make sure that users have the best experience possible. But you can also update from an ISO image if you want to try it out early.

People at Microsoft say that they have made a list of the most important things to download and install before Windows 11. This is made up of three main parts: the hardware, how reliable the device is, and how old it is. During this whole time, Windows Update was automatically looking at your computer to decide if it should be in the queue for an update or not.

Your computer will be updated at some point if it meets the requirements. If it’s “fully supported,” you’ll get the upgrade considerably sooner than teams in the process, which will get it when Microsoft deems the experience good enough. And because the wait time can vary, it can sometimes take until mid-2022.

Download and install Windows 11

We realize waiting till mid-year for an update is hard. But he thinks Microsoft needs to make sure that Windows 11 operates perfectly on millions of computers with very different hardware. In this way, people from Redmond keep working with hardware makers to make sure that both the system and the drivers work well together.

The good thing about everything is that Windows Update will take care of everything. When your computer is ready, you’ll get a message telling you to download and install Windows 11. If you’re a worried pco, you can also go to Settings > Windows Update > Check for updates to see if the update is already there.

You can also go to the Microsoft download page. There are three options, but the first one, the Windows 11 Installation Wizard, is the one you should focus on. This will download software to your pc that will check if you have the right hardware and then download the new system if you do.

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We also know that Microsoft’s minimum requirements have made us all feel like we’re going to pass out. Here you can look at a list of processors that work together, and here you can find out what TPM 2.0 is. But we suggest that you get PC Health Check and install it. It is a real Microsoft program that checks your computer to see if it will work with Windows 11 or not.

You can also use the ISO image to install Windows 11 on computers that don’t meet the advised minimum requirements. The sad fact is that Microsoft won’t give them updates for security, drivers, or new features. So, it’s an option that will definitely give you headaches.

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