How to format Android phone to factory settings

How to format Android phone to factory settings

If you want to sell or give away your phone, you should always format Android phone. How do you do it? Don’t worry, we’ll show you the best two ways to delete all of your information first.

When you format a device, you delete all of the information on it. This way, you not only put it back to how it was when it came out of the factory, but you also make sure that no one else can get to the data that was on it before. If you want to sell your Android phone, you will need to format it first.

It’s easy to follow the steps for how to format an Android phone. There are a few ways to get rid of all the data on a device with this operating system, and we’ll show you the quickest and easiest ones so you can get everything done quickly.

The steps we’ll give you below can be used to set up any Android phone, no matter what brand it is. No matter if you have a Huawei, Xiaomi, Samsung, or LG phone, you will be able to do this without any trouble.

How to format Android phone

First of all, remember that this process will erase everything on your device. Before you format your Android phone, you should back up all of your information on a computer or an SD card. You can also back up information you don’t want to lose in the cloud.

On the other hand, there are more than one way to set up your Android phone. Find the one that’s easiest for you and follow the step-by-step instructions we’ll give you below.

From system settings

This is the choice that the most people can do because it is the easiest. If you want to quickly set up your Android phone, this is the best way to do it. Also, if you choose this option, all of the data on your device’s internal storage will be erased. There are email accounts, settings for apps, apps, games, music, photos, videos, and any other information that the phone’s memory can hold.

The only data that will be safe are ones that are in the cloud, like Google Drive or Google Photos. You have nothing to worry about in this case. On the other hand, nothing will happen to the files on your microSD card during the process.

  1. Go to your device’s Settings app.
  2. Visit System.
  3. Go to Recovery Options from this page.
  4. Tap on Delete all information.
  5. Here, you’ll see a screen that tells you everything that’s going to happen next. Tap Reset phone if you agree.

This is when the process will begin. It’s fine if your phone restarts more than once; just let it finish. When you turn it on, you’ll see the initial setup screen, just like if you had just taken it out of the box.

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Using the recovery mode

The well-known recovery mode is another good way to format your Android phone. This choice, on the other hand, can feel a bit more complicated. But it’s pretty easy to do if you have a plan, and that’s what we’re here for.

Before we begin, we’ll explain what “recovery mode” is. It’s a wall that we can open in case of an emergency. It also has a number of advanced features that let us update the phone, connect it to the computer with developer functions, clear the system cache, and do many other things. But the one we care about right now is the one that will help us format our mobile.

Follow these steps to get your device into recovery mode and erase all of its data:

  1. Turn off your mobile completely.
  2. After the last step is done, you need to press a certain set of buttons. This mix can be different from one model to the next, but the most common is usually: Turn Off + Volume Down.
  3. Keep pressing the buttons until the recovery mode menu appears.
  4. Touch control won’t work in this mode, so use the volume keys to move around and the power button to choose.
  5. Look for the Wipe data/factory reset option when you’re inside.
  6. Choose this option and click “OK” again when asked.

Wait until the process is over. When it’s done, your Android phone will turn back on and show you the first screen for setting it up. All of your information will have been erased successfully.

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