How to Fix Mail Search Not Working on macOS

How to Fix Mail Search Not Working on macOS

Your Mail application is an essential tool in your everyday life, but there may come a time when it stops working properly. If that sounds like you, or if you want to know how to fix Mail Search Not Working on macOS before it happens, take a look at the article below for just some of the best solutions available.

We\’ve been using Apple Mail for years now, and it\’s always been a great application. We use it to keep in touch with friends, forward jokes to our colleagues, as well as send emails to clients and potential customers. However, our experience with Apple Mail has been deteriorating and it started when we noticed that the Mail Search is not working on macOS.

Emails are a huge part of our lives, and when the Mail app won\’t open or you can\’t search for an email, you might feel like your world has come crashing down. Thankfully, this blog post will show you how to fix the Mail search not working on macOS problem, so that you\’ll be able to find your emails again in no time.

The Mail app is one of the most popular email client apps for Apple users, but it can have its share of glitches. If you happen to be experiencing one of these issues with the Mail app on your Mac, then there are a few methods that you can take to remedy the issue and get back up and running again. So, keep reading this article till the very end and we assure you that you will not get disappointed.

Methods to Fix Mail Search Not Working on macOS


By Signing Out or Rebooting Your Mac in Safe Mode

This is one of the remedies for the Mail Search Not Working on macOS issue. Here is what needs to be done.

  1. First, go on and close the \”Mail\” application on your Mac.
  2. Next, relaunch the application followed by signing out of your account.
  3. After that, again close the application.
  4. Now, go on and reboot your Mac.
  5. Next, check the status of the problem.
  6. After that, if it\’s still present, set foot into the \”Safe Mode\”.
  7. Now, for entering into Safe mode follow the next mentioned steps carefully as mentioned in bullets.
  • For an Intel-based Mac Machine:
    • First, turn off your Mac.
    • Next, wait for around 30 seconds before rebooting your system. But make sure to press and hold the \”Shift\” key while the Mac is rebooting.
    • After that, as soon as the login screen pops up, release the \”Shift\” key.
  • For an Apple Silicon Mac Machine:
    • First, shut down your Mac.
    • Next, wait for around 10 seconds.
    • After that, press and hold the \”Power\” button until you see the startup options.
    • Now, pick your startup disk and press & hold the \”Shift\” key.
    • Next, click on \”Continue in Safe Mode\”.
    • After that, finally, release the \”Shift\” key.

Note: Ensure you check the All Mailboxes option. Otherwise, if you select All Inboxes, your search results may not be that accurate.

After performing all the steps successfully, check to see if the problem is resolved or still persists.

By Rebuilding Your Mail and Spotlight Indexes

A lot of Mac users have reported that they solved this issue by rebuilding their Mail and Spotlight Indexes. However, we need to make this thing clear that this method doesn\’t work all the time. But you must give it a try at least once. Maybe it will bring luck to you.

  1. First, close the \”Mail\” application completely.
  2. Next, go to the following address i.e., ~/Library/Mail/V8/MailData.
  3. After that, delete the files starting with the keyword \”Envelope Index\”.
  4. Now, relaunch the \”Mail\” app and wait until it imports all the important data files.
  5. Next, navigate to the \”System Preferences\” option.
  6. After that, click on \”Spotlight\” followed by unchecking the \”Mail & Messages\” option.
  7. Now, wait for around 4-5 minutes, and then recheck the \”Mail & Messages\” checkbox again.

Finally, inspect whether the problem of interest is solved or still causing problems for you. 

By Performing an SMC Reset

If you are among many Mac users who are facing this issue i.e., Mail Search Not Working on macOS, then you must go on and perform an SMC reset. By doing this, most probably the problem will be resolved. Here is what you need to do.

  1. First, turn off your Mac.
  2. Next, press and hold these keys simultaneously on your Mac keyboard i.e., Shift + Control + Option.
  3. After that, press and hold the \”Power\” key also.
  4. Now, keep pressing and holding all these four keys for around 10-15 seconds.
  5. Next, release the keys and simply turn on your Mac.

Finally, navigate to the Mail application and see if the search option is now working properly or still causing problems. If the issue still occurs, you can try the additional methods mentioned in the next section. We hope one of these techniques proves beneficial for you in solving the problem of interest at the earliest.

Some Additional Methods That Can Assist in Coping With This Problem

  1. Customizing or Tailoring Your Touch Bar
  2. Utilizing the Shift Key on Your Mac Machine
  3. Manually Picking Your Emails Inside the Mail App
  4. Rebuilding or Reconstructing Your Mailboxes
  5. Reinstalling the Latest macOS

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If you\’ve been having trouble with the Mail search feature on your macOS device, hopefully, this article has helped you troubleshoot the issue. In most cases, simply re-indexing your mailboxes will do the trick. If that doesn\’t work, there are a few other options you can try, like resetting the Spotlight index or rebuilding your Mail database. With any luck, one of these methods will get your Mail search working again.

Have you ever tried to fix this issue by yourself? Whether you are successful in doing it or not? Which method did you use to perform this task? If you have done this priorly, share your experience with us in the comments section below.

You are also free to ask any questions or queries you have in your mind that are bothering you. We will appreciate it and try to answer them in the best possible manner. Overall, if you liked this guide, give it a thumbs up and share it with your friends, colleagues, and loved ones. Thank you all in advance guys, and stay blessed forever brothers and sisters!

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