How to enable Maintenance Mode on Samsung Galaxy to protect your data

 Maintenance Mode on Samsung Galaxy

One UI 5’s new feature Maintenance Mode hides information like photos, messages, and files so that third parties can’t get to them if you send your phone in for repair.

Samsung said that One UI 5 will have a new feature that will keep your data safe if your phone crashes. This setting, called “Maintenance Mode,” is for people who want to send their Samsung Galaxy phones in for repair. However, don’t want the technician to be able to see their information. By turning it on, the device makes it so that a third party can’t see our data, including apps.

Samsung says that the maintenance mode works like making a new user account just to send it in for repair. The techs at the service center will be able to use the phone’s main features to fix the problems. While it is turned on, you won’t be able to access any personal information, like messages, photos, or documents.

 Maintenance Mode on Samsung Galaxy

You can make accounts and download apps from the Galaxy Store in One UI 5 Maintenance Mode. But these will be deleted automatically when the mode is turned off. In general, this option would hide your personal information. Samsung said that they made the feature so that users wouldn’t be as worried before a possible repair.

Everything about us is on our phones, from credit card numbers to family pictures. With maintenance mode, we’re giving Galaxy users more confidence that they can still keep their privacy even if they give their phone to someone else.

Seungwon Shin is the leader of the security team at Samsung Mobile.

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How to enable Maintenance Mode on Samsung Galaxy

Maintenance Mode can be found in the settings for the mobile device. To use the feature, just go to Settings > Device Maintenance and choose Maintenance Mode from there. By turning it on, the phone will restart and only let you use the apps that came with it.

In Maintenance Mode, you can’t get to your pictures, messages, or accounts, and you can only use the apps that came with your phone. To turn off Maintenance Mode, you will need to unlock your phone. When you do that, everything will go back to how it was when you turned it on for the first time. Changes, like downloaded data or changes to the configuration, that are made while Maintenance Mode is on are not saved.

This feature is useful, but the middle step to turn it on requires a phone that works perfectly. If your Galaxy won’t turn on or you can’t see the system, there is no other way to keep your information safe. Before anything unexpected happens, it’s always a good idea to protect your data with Knox or any other method you have.

Samsung said that Maintenance Mode will be available on all Galaxy devices running Android 13 with the One UI 5.0 layer. The Galaxy S22, S22 Plus, and S22 Ultra will get the option today. At the end of 2022 and all through 2023, it will reach other models.

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