How to Close Apps on an iPhone 13

Apple iPhone 13

If you\’re like most iPhone 13 users, you\’ve probably often found that your device freezes up or runs slowly. If this is the case and you want to ensure that iOS is running smoothly, then it\’s time to close some apps. This article will teach you how to close apps on your iPhone 13 in a few simple steps, whether they\’re running in the background or have an open window on your screen.

The iPhone 13 is a great device and you can use it for many special and amazing things. But after a while, the apps that you\’ve installed start to take up memory space so they\’ll have an impact on your phone\’s performance. The important thing is to limit which apps you keep running in the background and close those that are not currently being used.

When you want to close an app on your iPhone, whether it’s so that you can multitask, because the app is frozen, or because you don’t want to use it anymore, it can be difficult to figure out how to do this in the new iOS design. In order to help with this situation, we have created a guide explaining the method by which you can close apps on an iPhone 13.

Do you have a lot of apps on your iPhone and you can\’t keep track of what\’s running? Getting that dreaded feeling of your phone slowing down, crashing, or something just not working the way it should be? Not sure how to close apps on your iPhone 13? Learn how to do it in this blog post, as it covers how to close apps in order to maintain a healthy functioning device. 

Step-By-Step Guide to Close Apps on an iPhone 13


Follow the next mentioned steps carefully to close any apps running in the background that are unnecessarily taking ram storage and causing the battery to drain more quickly on your iPhone 13.

  1. First, on your iPhone screen, swipe up from the bottom. You need to only swipe up to 10%.
  2. Next, your present application will move to the backside. In the front, you will see a whole catalog of all the running applications in the background.
  3. After that, you can pick the application you want to close by swiping side to side. (or right to left)
  4. Now, once you find the application that needs to be closed, press your finger against it and swipe upwards on your iPhone screen.

Finally, with the above step completed, you have successfully closed an application on your iOS smartphone. In a similar way, you can close all the applications one by one.

Note: There is no shortcut to close all the applications at once. So, you need to be patient and spend some of your time closing these apps individually. 

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Now that you know how to close apps on your iPhone 13, put this knowledge to good use. If you find yourself with too many apps open at once, close the ones you\’re not using to improve your device\’s performance.

Moreover, if an app is misbehaving, closing it and then restarting it may help fix the issue. So don\’t be afraid to experiment with closing apps. Surely, it will make a huge difference to your iPhone 13 experience.

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