How to change the background in PicsArt

change the background in PicsArt

Is there anything more annoying than finding a photo you look good in, but the background is completely off? Probabilities are this happens quite a bit. With advancing technology, our need to take photos and photography skills are also getting enhancing. Of course, even when you manage to take that perfect shot, there is always some room for improvement in it.

Whether a stranger has photobombed your image background or the scenery around you looks blurred or sloppy, sometimes the only choice is to change it. For a long time only professional editors could do this flawlessly, but who wants to pay a professional to edit a stellar selfie? That’s where apps like PicsArt prove quite helpful. With numerous built-in photo-editing tools, besides changing backgrounds you can use it to apply filters to your photos, as well as to crop, refocus, and rotate them.


Social media trends evolve quickly and you should always be poised to shoot, edit, and post your photos rapidly. To be able to keep up with the trends, the best thing to do is to learn how to edit. PicsArt is such a tool that lets you even alter the background color of a photo you just took, and also switch the background with a completely different picture.

Pre-requisites to change the background in PicsArt

Before you begin, please see if you have the latest version of the PicsArt app installed on your smartphone. You can do so by going to Play Store and checking for any new updates.

How to make minor edits in PicsArt

If you do not want to change the background completely, PicsArt has other features as well for slight changes. For instance, the Clone tool works particularly well for intervening elements like photobombing lamp posts, people, birds, etc.

You can adjust several aspects of this tool, such as opacity, hardness, and the size of the brush. Similarly, you can also specify the area which you want to clone.

1. Tap on Tools to open it and choose Clone from the list. Next, tap to specify an area that you want to duplicate.

2. Tap on the Brush-icon to adjust the opacity, hardness, and size of the brush.

3. Now slowly glide over the specified area. Experiment with filters, saturation and hardness to get the perfect results.

How to change the Background color

Sometimes you want your background to be a solid color instead of some other picture. First, decide what image you want to edit then you will need to remove the background. Go to the Picsart Editor online and click on the Products drop-down menu. Select Background Remover.

Also, Picsart will automatically remove the background from your image using its artificial intelligence magic wand tool. Or use the Eraser tool to do it manually. Follow the rest of these easy steps to change the background in PicsArt:

1. Launch the PicsArt app on your device.

2. Select the image, next tap the Effects button.

3. Scroll to the left and tap on Colors from the Effects menu.

4. Tap the Color Replace option at the bottom menu.

5. Glide the color replacement cursor over the background you want to change.

6. Next, adjust the Replace Hue slider to choose a suitable color.

7. Tap the Apply button. \’Color\’ screen of the app will appear. Now, tap Next.

It’s easy once you understand the basics. In the future, you can also experiment with adding backgrounds that are not just a solid color. You can proceed to share your work on your socials or with your friends.

Pro tip: If you want your photo to look good after you change its background, make sure that you are using high-resolution photos. Contrarily, the process of transferring a new background on a blurry photo leave you with a grainy image. Unless you intend it to be a trendy blurry one.

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How to add a different Background image

Because of the many in-built features of PicsArt, you can even combine two different images. In this scenario, you can use one picture for the background and the other as the main object.

1. Open the image you would like to use as a background.

2. Tap Effects from the bottom menu to adjust the color tone for the image.

3. Tap apply and save changes.

4. Find the Add Photo icon by sliding the bottom menu towards the right.

5. Tap it to add another image you like to combine with the first.

6. Choose the image. Tap the Add option in the upper right corner of the screen.

7. The second image will appear on top of the first. Tap and hold the second image to move it to the desired position.

8. Tap the Cutout icon in the form of scissors.

9. Next, tap the icon resembling a person. It will either automatically mark the person red in the photo or adjust it manually.

10. Use the color brush tool from the bottom menu. Tap and hold to paint the rest of the image you want to show over the background.

11. Once you are done hit Save.

After you have combined the two images, you can further enhance the final product by adjusting colours. It will counter for any tonal differences that could come from different lighting on the original images.

Now that you know how to change the background on your photos, experiment with different backgrounds and filters to hone your editing skills. Changing the background with another image can result in one of a kind image and win you many likes on the Internet. Good luck!!

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