How to Automatically Bypass CAPTCHAs on iOS 16

How to Automatically Bypass CAPTCHAs on iOS 16

Have you ever found yourself in a situation when you have to fill a CAPTCHA request in order to access an online form or website? However, the word is too distorted or small and you can\’t decipher it. If so, then you\’re not alone. But don\’t worry, because this article will teach you how to automatically bypass CAPTCHAs on iOS 16 that are making your life difficult.

CAPTCHA stands for \”Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart\”. They\’re used as a means of trying to stop spammers from filling out forms on websites.

These challenges often involve asking people to read distorted text that computer programs can\’t decipher. It is because the hope is that humans will be much more likely to solve them correctly. But what about if you could just automatically bypass CAPTCHAs? Learn how you can in this blog post shortly.

Ever since the release of iOS 16, an array of newly introduced features have made it more difficult for the old-fashioned spammer to get their messages through. In order to adapt and continue their schemes, they\’ve had to find new ways in which they can bypass new security measures such as CAPTCHAs. However, you can automatically bypass what has recently become a nuisance for most websites on iOS 16. Find out how in this guide.

Step-By-Step Guide to Automatically Bypass CAPTCHAs on iOS 16


You can automatically bypass CAPTCHAs on iOS 16 by using a novel feature introduced in this iOS version named Automatic Verification. Here\’s how to do it as mentioned in the steps below.

  1. First, launch the \”Settings\” application on your iOS 16 device.
  2. Next, tap on your \”Apple ID\” image present right beneath the search bar.
  3. After that, among the options available, tap on the one labeled \”Password & Security\”.
  4. Now, keep scrolling until you reach the end of the page. Here you will find the toggle button right next to the option named \”Automatic Verification\”.
  5. Next, tap on it to successfully enable it. 
  6. After that, proceed with restarting your iOS 16 device in order to apply the changes made.

Finally, with the above step completed successfully, now you will be able to automatically bypass CAPTCHAs on iOS 16 without any hassle. 

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With the release of iOS 16, it\’s now possible to automatically bypass CAPTCHAs on your iPhone or iPad. It will assist you to continue browsing or surfing the web without interruption. This means that you no longer have to waste time manually entering these annoying codes when visiting websites or forms that require them.

If you are someone who is constantly being asked to complete CAPTCHAs on your iOS device, this article is for you. We have shown you how to bypass CAPTCHAs automatically on iOS 16 here. It is so that you can save yourself the hassle of having to enter them each time. This guide is quick and easy, so give it a try the next time you are presented with one of these codes.

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