How to activate TweetDeck immediately

How to activate TweetDeck immediately

The new TweetDeck is being made on Twitter. Changes made to make it better. We’ll show you how to activate TweetDeck Beta without an official invite.

Many people still use Tweetdeck as their Twitter client of choice. Even though Twitter has been making changes and improvements, TweetDeck is still better in many ways. For example, you can change the columns to see lists, messages, topics of the day, notifications, and more at a glance. As Twitter keeps making improvements to TweetDeck, it gives people the chance to try out its new version, called TweetDeck Beta or TweetDeck Preview. Look at a preview of TweetDeck in Spanish.

On Twitter, the official TweetDeck account gives out invitations to TweetDeck Beta. But their days are up. You can try to request one of them directly to that account, wait for the final version of TweetDeck to come out with the latest changes, or try a simple trick that involves entering code in your browser. It’s nothing special, but you’ll be able to use TweetDeck Preview before anyone else. Or at least try it before anyone else.

You can go back to the old version of TweetDeck if you don’t like the changes. But spend some time first. In addition to the design changes that make it look more like the default Twitter client, it also has some improvements that let you change the columns and make this all-terrain client easier for most people to use.

What’s great about TweetDeck

First of all, TweetDeck is made to run in your browser. No apps need to be downloaded and set up. You can’t do it on your computer or your phone. You just type in their address to get to a different Twitter client. It’s official, free, and more complete than Twitter’s default client because you can see most of the sections at once.

The version of TweetDeck they are working on right now is called TweetDeck Preview, TweetDeck Preview, or TweetDeck Beta. It completely changes the way it looks by incorporating Twitter’s recent redesign. In other words, you can pick from three different colors for the background and six different colors for the rest of the buttons and other elements. You can also change how the media elements look and how wide the columns are.

How TweetDeck Beta appears outside Twitter

But let’s get to the important parts. The squares. When you first use TweetDeck Preview, a wizard will show up to help you set it up. You can also start from scratch if you prefer. Basically, you will have to decide how TweetDeck looks and which columns you want to add from the many that are available. You can add or delete columns any time you want: lists, search, messages, explore, profiles, notifications, scheduled tweets, drafts, saved tweets, etc.

Now, TweetDeck has a small sidebar that lets you get to every part of Twitter. The Tweet, Add Column, and Search buttons are shown when this column is expanded in the TweetDeck preview. You can shrink it by clicking the button in the bottom left corner. Column Panels is also an important part of that column. It’s a cool new thing that lets you put together groups of columns and show them based on what you want to do on Twitter. It would be like putting tabs together in a browser.

How to activate TweetDeck

But it’s better to see for yourself what’s new in TweetDeck and test how well it works. As I said at the beginning, you need an invitation from the official Twitter account to try out the preview of TweetDeck or TweetDeck Preview. But if you don’t want to wait, you can try entering a code in your browser, which is a faster option. It’s not a good idea to mess with codes that help you out there, but this one is easy to understand and not very complicated.

First. You need Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or a browser that is based on one of those. Like Microsoft Edge, Brave, Opera, and so on. I’ve tried TweetDeck Preview on both Brave and Firefox, and it works fine on both. Also in Safari. And the other browsers can’t say anything else. Once the browser is accessible, you must type in the TweetDeck address by clicking here.

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Try out TweetDeck Preview on browser’s web console

The next step is to open the web console, which is part of the developer tools in most modern browsers. To open it in Windows, press the CTRL, SHIFT, and J keys at the same time. And in macOS, press the Command, Option, and I keys at the same time. You can look for the console if it doesn’t work. It’s under Tools > Browser Tools > Web Developer Tools in Firefox. It’s usually in the drop-down menu under More tools > Developer tools in Chrome and similar browsers.

When the web console is open, you will have to type this command: “document.cookie = “tweetdeck version=beta.” If there are no quotes. After entering the command, you will need to refresh the TweetDeck page to see the TweetDeck preview or TweetDeck Preview. You can now start making it your own and trying out all of its new features.

The preview or Beta version will show up each time you open TweetDeck in that browser from now on. Click on More options to go back to the final version, which is the one you are using right now. It’s in the top row. You will need to click Exit TweetDeck Preview from the list of options. You can opt to temporarily depart the new TweetDeck and return later, cancel the exit and continue, or exit the new TweetDeck and return to the old version.

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