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How To Activate Pluto TV

How To Activate Pluto TV

In this blog post, we will be looking at the step-by-step guide to successfully activating Pluto TV on your streaming device. So, if you are the one looking for it then be with us for the next couple of minutes.

Pluto TV is a free TV streaming service that brings you top channels from around the world including comedy, sports, news, and more. It\’s available on almost every platform, but there are some differences in how you can access your account depending on which device you\’re using.

Moreover, it is a no-cost online television service that offers over 100 live and on-demand channels. You can watch Pluto TV on your PC, smartphone, or streaming device. To activate it, you\’ll need to create a free account. Once you\’ve created an account, you can start watching channels immediately. You can also add premium channels to your account for an additional fee.

If you have an interest in streaming TV on your browser, it can be difficult to find a service that\’s made for the purpose. Pluto TV is one of those services and in this article, we\’ll be demonstrating how to activate it with as little hassle as possible so that you can watch what you want when you want, and where you want freely.

Step-by-Step Guide to Activate Pluto TV


If you\’re a cord-cutter or someone who\’s looking to get rid of their cable subscription, you may have heard of Pluto TV. It is a free streaming service that offers abundant channels of live and on-demand TV. And, best of all, it\’s completely free!

To get started with Pluto TV, all you need is a compatible device and an internet connection. Once you\’ve got that set up, here\’s how to activate Pluto TV.

Time needed: 10 minutes.

Guide to Activate Pluto TV

  1. Creating an Account on Pluto TV Website

    First, go to the Pluto TV website and create an account. For this, you\’ll need to provide your correct credentials i.e., email address and full name. Then create a strong password of your own choice by following the setting password rules.

  2. Downloading Pluto TV App on Streaming Device

    Next, download the Pluto TV app on your streaming device. Currently, Pluto TV is available on Roku, Kodi, Amazon Firestick, Amazon Fire TV, Android, iOS, PS4, Xbox One, Chromecast, and Smart TVs from Samsung, LG, Vizio, Hisense, and Apple.

  3. Signing In to the Pluto TV App

    Now, launch the Pluto TV app and sign in with the account email and password you created in step one. 
    Note: In case you enter the wrong credentials, you will not be able to sign in to your account successfully. So make sure to enter each character correctly, otherwise, problems will knock at your doorstep.

  4. Successfully Activated Pluto TV

    That\’s it! Finally, you should now see the full list of available channels. To start watching, simply select a channel and press the play button.

How to Activate Pluto TV on Samsung Smart TV


Provided below are the steps that you must follow in precise order to successfully activate the Pluto TV free streaming service on Samsung Smart TV. For this, you will be utilizing the 6-digit activation code.

Step 1:

Turn on your Samsung Smart TV by pressing the power button from the remote control.

Step 2:

Next, connect your Smart TV to the internet using the Wi-Fi connection or Ethernet cable. For this do the following:

Go to Settings -> General -> Network Settings -> Select Wi-Fi Name -> Enter Wi-Fi Password -> Tap Done -> OK

Step 3:

Now, log in to your Samsung account by following these steps.

Select Menu -> Then Pick Smart Hub -> Tap On Samsung Account -> Next Sign In by Entering Log In Details -> Image to discriminate your Samsung account from others

Step 4:

After that, from the Smart TV home screen select the option labeled Apps. Then navigate to My Apps and select the Search button. 

Step 5:

Next, search for the Pluto TV app by typing Pluto TV in the search bar. Then hit the search button. You will see the app appearing in front of you on your Smart TV screen from the list of suggested apps.

Step 6:

Now, download the Pluto TV app on your Smart TV. Once the downloading process is finished successfully, proceed to install it on your TV. (All this will be done by just pressing the \”Install\” button right next to the Pluto TV app)

Step 7:

After that, add the Pluto TV app to your Samsung Smart TV home screen. All you need to do is click the Add button. It is as simple as that.

Step 8:

Finally, launch the Pluto TV app on your Samsung Smart TV. Sign In to your account and you are ready to enjoy the never-ending fun of channels that are available to you free of cost.

Note: The step-by-step guide mentioned above works on all Samsung Smart TVs except the 2013 version. While trying to activate Pluto TV on Samsung Smart TV 2013, it was impossible to download the streaming app using Blueray due to the limited apps available on Blueray.

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Overall, activating Pluto TV is a pretty simple process. All you need is a valid email address and to be able to follow the instructions on the website. Once you have activated your account, you\’ll be able to start watching all of the great content that Pluto TV has to offer. So what are you waiting for? Go activate Pluto TV today and enjoy!

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