How can I delete my Badoo account

delete Badoo account

Due to time or interest constraints, you may choose to delete your Badoo account. Leaving this social media site is easy, regardless of the reason. Your account is promptly deactivated and erased in 30 days. The steps to remove your Badoo account on PC/website, Android app, and iPhone app are here.

Simple steps to delete Badoo account

Badoo promises to be the largest social discovery network and not only a dating app. Because enjoyment is best shared, the organization provides the greatest technologies for people to come together. Believe you have the tools to locate your match.

Badoo’sMeetings” function allows online speed dating, making it unique. Badoo is a social networking platform since users may communicate and make new acquaintances as well as date.

The most popular dating platform, Badoo, is available in 47 languages in 190 countries. The firm says over 500 million members have joined the site. The platform has free basic capabilities and a paid membership with extra perks and features.

No matter your device, Badoo works on the web and Android and iOS. You can remove your Badoo account if you’re unhappy. Follow these steps:

  • Sign into
  • Settings and profile. Click your profile photo in the upper left corner to open it. Click the gear icon in the upper right to view account settings on the next screen.
  • Click Delete account at the bottom of account options.
  • Badoo will offer alternatives to account deletion. Choose to continue on Badoo or delete your account.
  • If you remain, Badoo will give you a three-day Badoo Super Powers trial. Click Get Free Super Powers to benefit. Click Delete your account at the bottom to continue deleting your account.
  • Choose a Badoo account deletion reason. Click Continue below the window.
  • Enter your existing password. Type the left characters in the second text box. This shows Badoo you didn’t accidentally land on that page. Finally, click Delete account.

That concludes account deletion. Badoo will confirm account cancellation through email. Deleted accounts can be reactivated within 30 days. Open the Badoo email and click Recover Your Profile.

Deleting Badoo from Facebook 

  • From Facebook login to Badoo (there is a Sign in with Facebook button on the Badoo home page).
  • In Badoo’s upper right corner, click Settings (just before Sign Out).
  • Delete your profile from the left sidebar. Clicking it will prompt Badoo to hide your profile. Continue erasing profile.
  • The last screen requires your Badoo password and a reason for canceling your profile. Even if you joined up for Badoo using Facebook, your password is different! When you establish a Badoo account using Facebook, Badoo emails you a second password you may use to log in directly. Search your inbox/archives for that email.
  • Go to the remove profile page again, input your Badoo password in the final step, then click OK, I’m done. Delete my profile.
  • Your profile will hibernate for 30 days, then delete it.
  • After deleting Badoo, ban its Facebook app (so you stop receiving all updates and requests). Click the Block app on Badoo’s app page. Confirm to finish.

Delete without password

For security, Badoo demands account deactivation verification two or three times. Logging in and entering your password after giving the deactivation instruction are the first two verifications.

The third step is the email confirmation. Thus, these three confirmation processes must be completed. However, before canceling the account, you must recover your password. Therefore;

  • Badoo’s app or website is
  • Click “Forgot Password” and enter your User ID.
  • Provide the Badoo account’s email or phone number to prove ownership.
  • Create a new password and log in.
  • To delete your account, complete these instructions.

However, Facebook and other third-party accounts may be used to login to Badoo, thus forgetting your password won’t prevent you from cancelling your account.

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Delete Badoo account from the Mobile APP

Let’s uninstall Badoo via the mobile app.


Android makes deleting Badoo easier than PC. To deactivate/delete your Badoo account, follow these steps.

  • Log in or open your profile to begin.
  • Access the Account option under Settings on the right side of the profile tab.
  • Delete your Badoo Android app account by selecting Account under Basic Info. Click the phone number/email under Account to remove your Badoo profile.
  • Click the “Delete Account” Badoo link at the bottom.
  • Despite Badoo’s numerous offers, you must confirm your account deletion. Click “Delete your account” and “Continue”.
  • After that, pick “No, delete my account” to decline a premium service offer.
  • It then asks why you left Select a reason.
  • Confirm deletion after entering reasons. Choose from the options above or choose “Other” and explain why you left Badoo. Click “Confirm Delete” afterward.

A brief green pop-up will confirm your account deletion.


Deleting Badoo on iPhone takes time but is easy. Learn how to remove Badoo on iPhone.

  • Sign in and click Profile > Settings. Clicking the person symbol in the bottom right opens the profile.
  • Click Account.
  • Click the faintly fonted Delete Account in the bottom center of the screen.
  • It will then confirm your account deletion. Avoid all alternatives.
  • Tap “Delete account” and “Continue”.
  • Next, choose “No, remove my account” even if they offer premium services.
  • Finally, he’ll ask why you’re going. Choose a predefined explanation or write your own.
  • After you explain, it will ask for final confirmation. Click “Delete account” for any reason.
  • Confirmation deletes your account.

These procedures will erase Badoo on iOS.

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