Guide to use emojis on a Windows Windows or a Mac

Guide to use emojis on a Windows PC or a Mac

Emojis are used a lot on apps like WhatsApp, TikTok, and Instagram, which most people use on their phones. But you can also use emojis on Windows PC and your Mac. You can put them in any place you want.

Everyone has heard of emojis

Instant messages, posts on social networks, videos on YouTube or TikTok… We see them on TV, billboards, and other forms of advertising. Emojis help us talk to each other and show how we feel in a different way. Or they can be used to break the ice or have a good time. Even so, we usually use emojis from the iPhone or Android. Emojis will also be available on both Mac and Windows. You just need to look for them or turn them on.

Emojis are useful so that you can use them in any text. You can add one or more emojis to a text document, a presentation, or a Windows spreadsheet, in addition to using them in messages. Come on, they’re just another way to draw attention to documents or texts that you want to share or post on the Internet. Even better, you can use emojis to name your files and folders.

Here, we talk about how to use emojis when typing on a Mac and where to find emojis in Windows. So you can put them in while you’re writing with the same speed and ease as on your phone. Of course, it’s not a good idea to abuse emojis because you might forget what those grouped emojis meant or what you were trying to say with them later.

How to use emojis on your Windows PC and Mac

Emojis and how to use them on your Windows PC

Windows 10 and Windows 11 make it easy to include emoticons in messages, regardless of the program or purpose. No configuration or changes are needed. Simply hit the necessary keys to display emoticons. Even if you find emojis on Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp, Windows has its own.

Let’s be direct. To add emojis in Windows 10 or 11, hit the Windows key and the period key. Two keys activate the emoji keyboard. A universal virtual keyboard. Once enabled, pick an emoji to insert where your cursor is. Simple.

To locate emojis, use the keyboard’s categories. One category shows which emoticons you use most. A name-based emoji search engine is also available. We don’t always know the emoji’s name.

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Emojis and how to use them on your Mac

You can also use emojis on your Mac if you have macOS installed. You can put them in documents, messages, and any other place where text is. Emojis on a Mac also work with all the apps you have installed or will install. The emojis are right there in the Edit menu of every app.

You can open the emoji window or Windows Character Viewer in two different ways. This small app is built into macOS and can be used to type emojis, symbols, letters with accents, and characters from other languages that you won’t find on your keyboard very often. For instance, there are some symbols that will be very helpful in math or science texts.

There are two ways to use emojis on a Mac. First, in the app you want to use them in, go to the Edit menu and click on “Emojis and symbols.” The tool called “Character Viewer” will open. Just tap Emojis and scroll through the categories. As you use them, they will be put into a category that acts as a history. To see emojis on a Mac, you can also press the Function key and the E key at the same time (for Emojis).

How to use emojis on a Mac? If you click on one of them, the Character Viewer will show it to you in a bigger size.
If you double-tap, it will show up where you were typing in the app.
It could be an email, a social network, a text document, or a messaging app.
Click the Expand/Collapse icon in the Character Viewer to see emojis better.
Collapse reduces the display to just emojis.

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