“GTA 6” hacker has been legally prosecuted in the UK

GTA 6 hacker

In the UK, the man who is thought to be “GTA 6” hacker. The hacker who hacked Rockstar Games and leaked GTA 6 has been officially charged with multiple crimes.

The London Police said on September 22 that they had arrested a 17-year-old boy who was suspected of taking part in multiple cyber attacks. There was, of course, the Rockstar Games hack, which could be used to get private information about GTA 6. The British government has officially accused him today, Monday, so whoever did it is in a very bad spot.

The hacker who allegedly leaked GTA 6 has been charged with “two computer crimes and two counts of breaching bail,” according to the London Police. In the second case, it’s important to note that the suspect was already in jail a few months ago. He was a member of the hacker group Lapsus $, which broke into the security of companies like Microsoft, Samsung, and Nvidia. At that time, he had been given several punishments, but he broke them by hacking Uber and Rockstar Games.

City of London Police

On Thursday (September 22), City of London Police arrested a 17-year-old in Oxfordshire on suspicion of hacking. This was part of an investigation that was helped by the National Cybercrime Unit of the National Crime Agency. “This person has been charged and is still in police custody,” the authorities said.

Rockstar Games

So, it’s unlikely that the cybercriminal will be able to avoid a harsh punishment. Not only did he hack Rockstar Games and leak private information about GTA 6, but he also broke the rules set by his previous actions. A popular hacker forum said that the defendant couldn’t use the internet for 30 days. As soon as his sentence was over, he broke the law again by hacking Uber. He did the same thing with Rockstar Games a few days later.

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Obviously, a legal process will start now, and the person who is accused will have the chance to show proof that he is innocent. But there is already too much proof of what he did. Since he is still young, it will be interesting to see how the British government punishes him.

The code for GTA 6 would be safe

The hacking of Rockstar Games and the release of more than 90 videos of GTA 6 was one of the most important things to happen in the video game industry in recent years. Some people already think it’s the biggest leak in the industry, bigger than the famous Half-Life 2 leak in 2003.

“We recently experienced an intrusion into our network in which an unauthorized third party illegally accessed and downloaded sensitive information from our systems, including early development material for the upcoming Grand Theft Auto .”

Rockstar Games

It took Rockstar Games a few days to realize that someone had gotten into its network without permission. But the good news is that the GTA 6 code doesn’t seem to be dangerous. Also, it doesn’t look like this situation will have a big impact on the game’s development, which still has a few years of work to go.

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