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In this article, we\’ll walk you through how to Group and Ungroup Elements in Canva on Mobile and on PC. So, if you are a graphic designer or someone expert in creating 3D logos, then surely this blog post will capture your interest.

Canva is free graphic design software that can be used on a PC or mobile device. But what if you want to group and ungroup elements in Canva on your mobile device? What if you want to do this on your desktop computer? Keep reading this article to find out how!

When creating a design for your blog post or website, you\’ll often want to group elements together so that you can edit them all at once. You can also ungroup elements in order to edit each part individually. It all depends on your way of working with things.

Moreover, designing a creative and professional-looking layout for your social media post can be time-consuming, especially when you\’re trying to make the best use of space and color.

While Canva provides a number of free templates that are perfect for sharing on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, there will come a time when you want to edit these templates to better suit your needs. That\’s exactly what we\’ll be exploring in this blog article – how to group and ungroup elements in Canva on Mobile and PC. Just stay with us for the next few minutes!

Introduction to Canva


Canva is a free online design platform that lets you create beautiful designs for all of your projects. You can use it to create everything from flyers and posters to social media posts and infographics. And best of all, you can do it all from your mobile device or computer.

If you\’re new to Canva, you may be wondering how to group and ungroup elements on the Mobile and PC versions of the software. This can be a handy tool when you\’re trying to create a cohesive design, or if you need to move elements around without disrupting your overall layout. Here\’s a quick guide on how to group and ungroup elements in Canva on both Mobile and PC.

Step-By-Step Guide to Group and Ungroup Elements in Canva on Mobile

If you\’re using the Canva app on your mobile device, you can group elements together by following these steps:

  1. First, long press/tap on one of the elements you want to group.
  2. Next, select the other elements you want to group together by tapping on them one by one.
  3. After that, tap on the Done button that appears right next to the X elements selected option in the top section of your mobile device screen. (Note: Here X is the number of elements selected for grouping together. It can be any number depending on your selection).
  4. Finally, tap on the Group option at the bottom end of the screen.

Now all of your selected elements will be grouped together and you can move them around as a single unit.

Also, the ungrouping of elements in the Canva mobile app is a breeze. To ungroup them, just tap on the Ungroup option at the bottom of the screen. That\’s it! Your elements will now be ungrouped and you can treat them individually.

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Step-By-Step Guide to Group and Ungroup Elements in Canva on PC

If you\’re working on a design in Canva on your PC, you may find it helpful to group certain elements together. This can make it easier to move them around or apply changes to multiple elements at once. Here\’s how to group and then ungroup elements in Canva on PC.

  1. First, go to the Canva website by clicking on this link.
  2. Next, click on the Templates section and select a template of your own choice by clicking on it.
  3. After that, click on the button labeled Customize this template.
  4. Now, the editor window will appear in front of you with the selected design template.
  5. Next, click on an element with the help of the mouse. This will select that particular element. You can see this by a blue square appearing around the element.
  6. After that, press the Shift key on your keyboard and click on the other element that you want to be grouped with the first one.
  7. Now, you will see that both the elements are selected together inside a blue square. Next, right-click anywhere inside the square and then click on the option named Group.
  8. After that, you will notice that the elements are successfully grouped together. You can also group them using this shortcut Ctrl+G.
  9. Now, you can perform any operation on the grouped element, instead of working on individual elements one by one.
  10. If due for some reason you want to ungroup the elements, then it\’s a piece of cake. All you need to do is click on the grouped element and once it gets selected, press Ctrl+Shift+G on your keyboard. This will result in ungrouping the elements letting you customize each separate thing individually.

Note: You can also ungroup the elements by first clicking on them, then right-clicking with your mouse and selecting the Ungroup option.

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Grouping and ungrouping elements in Canva is a quick and easy way to keep your design organized and looking professional. By following the simple steps outlined in this article, you can perform this task on both mobile and PC with ease and without facing any hassle.

So next time you\’re working on a design in Canva, be sure to give grouping and ungrouping a try — it just might save you some time and headaches.

Have you ever tried this yet? Whether you are successful in doing it or not? Which method did you use to perform this task? 

If you have done this before, share your experience with us in the comments section below. You are also free to ask any questions or queries you have in your mind that are bothering you. We will appreciate it and try to answer them in the best possible manner.

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