Google Maps suggests eco-friendly routes based on your car

Google Maps eco-friendly routes

To help users find the most appropriate, Google Maps now includes a “ecological routes” option.

If you tell me what kind of automobile you have, I can suggest a route that will suit you. This is something that Google Maps has recently adopted in 40 European nations like Spain, the UK, and France (these are some confirmed countries from a list of ecological routes that has not yet been made public). To help people save energy, the Google algorithm takes into account whether a vehicle is electric, diesel, gasoline, or a hybrid.

Google Maps has seen this before, so it’s nothing new. The United States and Canada launched this program last year. An experimental effort whose goal was to cut down on atmospheric CO2 levels. The initial phase of Google’s process involved the incorporation of information from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory of the United States Department of Energy (NREL). When combined with information provided by users on the most frequent driving routes and vehicle makes in the area, this helped the platform’s machine learning algorithm learn what to look for.

This feature of Google Maps was launched a few weeks ago in Germany and is now available across Europe thanks to data pulled by the tech giant from the European Environment Agency. The IT giant has picked a perfect time to roll out the initiative across the Continent. The continent is going through its worst energy crisis ever because of the ongoing trend of energy limitations this winter as a result of pressure from Russia over the Ukraine War.

Google Maps eco-friendly routes

Basis of Google Maps algorithm?

First, it’ll think about the car model you’re interested in. In order to provide more accurate information, it is helpful to know the most typical trends in each field.

Then, it’ll examine information about the requested routes’ stops, traffic, and tolls for a complete picture of the journey’s quality. If it’s an electric vehicle, you’ll also find details on the steady speed at which you’ll get the most savings on petrol or electricity.

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This Google Maps version may not recommend the fastest route. Then you may compare their time and money savings. Then you can pick and choose based on what best meets their requirements. It’ll think about the model of the track to figure out how efficient each motor is. This will help ensure that internal combustion engine vehicles get the roadway space they need. City streets will be the preferred location for electric and hybrid vehicles. In the latter situation, details about its chargers and the locations of nearby power outlets are also provided.

This new feature for eco-friendly itineraries in Google Maps may be activated in the app’s settings and will roll out over the next few days.

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