Fix: This File Does Not Have an App Associated With It

Fix: This File Does Not Have an App Associated With It

You may come across a \”This file does not have an app associated with it\” error, when you click on a .exe file on your Windows PC. It means that the program will not open due to a lack of association. But don\’t worry, this article will show how to fix this error message at the earliest.

This error may occur when you try to open a document that does not have an app associated with it. It’s frustrating when a file you’re trying to open on your Mac or Windows machine is just giving you an error message that says “This file does not have an app associated with it.” Especially if the file is one of those really important ones, such as a PDF report or a resume, and you need to open it asap. Keep reading this blog post, as we will walk you through the potential solutions for this problem.

What Causes This Fault?

This fault can be caused by a number of things, including:

  • The file type you\’re trying to open isn\’t recognized by Windows.
  • There\’s no program installed on your PC that can open the file.
  • The file is corrupted and can\’t be opened.

If you\’re encountering this error, it\’s likely because one of these three things is happening. Thankfully, there are some easy ways to fix the problem.

Methods to Fix “This File Does Not Have an App Associated With It” Error


If you\’re seeing the \”This file does not have an app associated with it\” error message in Windows, it\’s usually because you\’ve tried to open a file that doesn\’t have a default program associated with it. Moreover, this can happen if you\’ve downloaded a file from the internet that doesn\’t have a known file extension, or if you\’re trying to open a file type that isn\’t supported by your installed programs.

Luckily, fixing this error is relatively straightforward. Follow the next mentioned methods in detail, as one of these may assist you in solving the problem of interest.

Launch the File Using File Explorer

Numerous people have mentioned dealing with this error on their Windows PC when trying to open a file via the search bar or the timeline tool. For these folks, we recommend launching the file using the File Explorer, as it is safe from this dreadful error. Try using this technique and see if it works for you or not.

Use a Different Application to Open the File

Sometimes the problematic file may not open with one software but launching it with some other compatible program may resolve the error i.e., This file doesn\’t have an app associated with it.

For this, right-click on the file which you want to open. Then from the appearing options, click on the one labeled as Open With. After that, click on one of the programs and see if the file gets loaded successfully. 

As an example, open a video file using VLC Media Player. However, if it doesn\’t open and shows you this error, then try launching it with some other media player like Windows Media Player, Media Player Classic, or RealPlayer. Hopefully, this might work for you.

Repair Any Corrupted System Files

If your system has some corrupted files present inside it, then these might be playing a major role in the occurrence of this brutal error. You must repair any corrupted system files as early as possible. For this task, you can take the assistance of Deployment Image Servicing and Management (DISM) and System File Checker (SFC)

  1. First, open the command prompt on your PC as an administrator.
  2. Next, run the next mentioned commands in sequential order:
    • dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth
    • sfc /scannow
    • powershell
      Get-AppXPackage -AllUsers |Where-Object {$_.InstallLocation -like \"*SystemApps*\"} | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register \"$($_.InstallLocation)\\AppXManifest.xml\"}
  3. After that, go on and close the terminal or command prompt.
  4. Now, proceed with rebooting your PC.
  5. Finally, check to see if the error is resolved or still persists.

Launch the Windows File and Folder Troubleshooter

This is a troubleshooter that was developed by Microsoft to automatically diagnose and repair corrupted Windows files and folders. To fix this issue of file doesn\’t have an app associated with it, launch this Windows File and Folder troubleshooter on your Windows 10 PC. After the troubleshooting process gets finished, inspect whether the issue is resolved or not. 

Note: Download Windows File and Folder Troubleshooter using this link.

Download the Compatible App for Your Desired File

Sometimes this error arises because you are trying or forcing the file to open with an application that doesn\’t support the file type. For this, first ensure what specific file extension the file has e.g., .psd, .ai, .png, .jpg, etc.

Then based on the extension, search for an application that is compatible with the file format. Like, for opening files with .psd extension, you should install software including Adobe Photoshop or CorelDraw.

This will surely solve the problem and you will not face this issue ever again on your Windows machine.

Note: Always install software or apps from the official stores or websites. Don\’t rely on third-party applications or software providers as they may infect your PC with malware and viruses.

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There you have it! These are the five methods you can use to fix the \”This file does not have an app associated with it\” error. We hope that one of these methods worked for you and that you were able to successfully open the file.

If you\’re still having trouble, we recommend contacting Microsoft Support for further assistance. They should be able to help you troubleshoot and fix the issue so that you can continue using Windows 10 without any problems. 

Have you ever tried to fix this issue by yourself? Whether you are successful in doing it or not? Which method did you use to perform this task? If you have done this before, share your experience with us in the comments section below.

You are also free to ask any questions or queries you have in your mind that are bothering you. We will appreciate it and try to answer them in the best possible manner. Plus, if you liked this article, give it a thumbs up and share it with your friends and family members. Thank you all in advance guys and stay blessed forever.

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