First Logitech portable console photos are filtered

Logitech console

Logitech is working on a console that is a lot like the Nintendo Switch. It will have Android and focus a lot on cloud gaming.

Logitech is well-known in the high-end market for accessories for both gaming and work. But now he also wants to be a part of the mobile gaming industry, which is already trying to position itself as the future of the sector. To do this, the company has been working on making its own portable game console.

 The Nintendo Switch and the Steam Deck are the most popular portable gaming systems right now. Yet there is still room for people who want to focus on casual players and, in the medium term, on Cloud Gaming. This sector has no reference hardware outside high-end mobiles and accessories like the Razer Kishi V2. Just this is the problem that Logitech wants to fix.

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A little almost one month ago, they and Tencent Games announced that they would work together to make a portable console for cloud games. In particular, both companies said they would put out a new console that would combine Logitech G’s knowledge of hardware with Tencent Games’ knowledge of software services.

Logitech console works with all Cloud Gaming services

Now, for the first time, we can see what that Logitech console looks like, thanks to some leaked pictures that, yes, didn’t last long on Twitter before they were taken down. Somewhat like the Nintendo Switch, but with the tried-and-true features of Logitech’s G line.

The picture shows a design in which white is the main color, except for the “joysticks,” buttons, and triggers, which is nice because they tend to get dirty. There is also a start button with the well-known Logitech G logo.

Logitech console

It’s not clear what its specs are, but it would probably work with a version of Android. Also, it’s likely that it will have the latest generation of Snapdragon processor. Or who knows what Nvidia will do next for mobile games.

But Logitech seems to be interested in all kinds of games, and the console wouldn’t just have games made for Android. It would also come with services like Chrome, YouTube, Nvidia GeForce Now, and Steam, as well as Xbox Cloud Gaming.

We don’t know its pricing or availability till the end of the year.

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