Firesprite decides to join PlayStation Studios and might help PlayStation VR

Firesprite joins PlayStation Studios

Sony said that Firesprite is the 14th member of the “family” of games made by PlayStation Studios. His approach would be a key part of the future list of virtual reality video games.

It’s not a big surprise that PlayStation Studios keeps adding people to its team. Recently, Sony has bought a few companies that make video games. They have even said that they are in a supposed acquisition war with Xbox. This time, it was Firesprite’s turn. From now on, Firesprite could be a very important part of the plans for the new PlayStation VR.

Firesprite x PlayStation Studios

Firesprite will be the 14th studio to join PlayStation Studios, according to the announcement. In a way, this agreement brings the British company back to its roots, since it was started in 2012 after the Sony subsidiary Studio Liverpool (formerly Psygnosis) shut down.

“Firesprite is a studio that is creative, ambitious, and very good at making amazing experiences that really show off what our hardware can do. The creative and technical skills of the team will help us add to our already great selection of exclusive games “The head of PlayStation Studios, Hermen Hulst, said this.

Sony and PlayStation Studios haven’t said what they plan to do with Firesprite yet. But since the studio has put a lot of work into making games that work with PlayStation VR, it seems likely that it will keep going in that direction.

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Sony is working on a new virtual reality headset, and they plan to give it a library of AAA games. Firesprite may be the key to making this happen. At the upcoming PS5 showcase, there won’t be any news about the next generation of PlayStation VR. However, there may be more information about PlayStation Studios’ latest purchase.

PlayStation VR2

PlayStation Studios game list expands

Firesprite is the newest game from PlayStation Studios. It was added after Nixxes Software was bought last July. Now, all eyes are on Bluepoint Games, which is expected to be the next studio to join Sony.

Let’s not forget that the supposed purchase of that company was made official in June, even though the business was already with Housemarque. Since then, people have spread strong rumours, and there is talk that the truth will be revealed at an event tomorrow.

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