‘FIFA 23’ lets you play a month early due to an error

'FIFA 23'

From the Xbox online store, several players were able to get the full version of ‘FIFA 23’. It was a mistake made by EA.

No matter if you like sports video games or not, you can’t deny that FIFA ranks among the most important games of every year. The fact that FIFA 23 will be the last one certified by football’s ruling authority gives it a special meaning for Electronic Arts and a large community. But people will also remember it because of a mistake that let them watch it a month before it came out.

Not for the first time has a game been playable before its official release. However, planning this far in advance is unusual. According to VGC, FIFA 23 is available for full download from the Xbox shop.. To get to the content, you had to have taken part in the beta and have the FIFA Ultimate Team mode already installed.

If both of these things were true, players could download FIFA 23 and update it to the most recent version on the server. We don’t know if the second one will be the one that comes out on September 30. The method spread quickly, and the leaks didn’t take long to happen.

FIFA 23′

Why would the leak of a game like FIFA be of interest?

Even if you don’t believe it, the community can’t wait to see player stats. This year, it was too bad for EA that they were shown off early. Even though the company attempted to prevent the leaks, it was too late. On Twitter and Reddit, for example, it’s easy to find screenshots of the game and talk about the athletes’ information.

Some people were even brave enough to make a video of their first few hours with FIFA 23. Electronic Arts found out about them quickly and kicked us off their platform. You wouldn’t believe it, but a lot of people started their transmissions without hiding their username. They probably didn’t know they were breaking the law.

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Even though the company set up a firewall on its servers to stop these users from accessing the online modes, it looks like they can still play the modes that don’t need an internet connection, like Career. Do not be surprised if there are more leaks in the next few hours…

FIFA 23 is set to come out on all platforms on September 30. But people who pay for EA Play Pro will be able to play the game early starting on the 27th of the same month.

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