Facebook Feed can be customized to show less irrelevant posts

Facebook Feed can be customized to show less irrelevant posts

Facebook will add two buttons that will let users change how the content in the Feed looks. The company wants to train the algorithm so that users will see more of the publications they should read.

Facebook said it will add new controls that will let you customise the content you see in your Feed. The change comes after millions of people complained for months about how Facebook and Instagram show posts from people you don’t follow. Now, you can tell the algorithm that you don’t want to see certain posts for the next 60 days.

The platform added “Show More” and “Show Less” buttons, which will appear below posts from friends, Pages you follow, and those suggested by Facebook’s AI. With this, users won’t have to go through extra steps to decide what content is interesting to them and what isn’t. The company says that these buttons change the ranking score for the post and other things like that.

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If you click “Show less,” the algorithm temporarily takes points away from the content you chose to hide. We used to be able to choose not to show certain posts for good, but now we can only do that for 60 days. Facebook told TechCrunch that this decision is based on research that shows people want these preferences to only last a few weeks.

It’s important to note that the buttons will appear in Feed posts from time to time, but users will be able to access these functions by tapping the three-dot menu in each post. The rule will apply to all posts, even those from your friends. The company said that this feature is also being tested on Reels.

Facebook copying TikTok despite user concerns

With less money coming in from ads in the last quarter, Meta is trying to copy what TikTok has done well. Since the company has been doing this for years, it’s not surprising that it copies all the popular apps. The problem is that changing features, like showing content from people you don’t follow, has annoyed millions of users.

Facebook shows you posts from creators and communities you might not know about, so you can read and enjoy them. Machine learning makes sure that what you see in your Feed is unique to you and your interests.

Over the years, Facebook has tried out different ways to teach the algorithm. In 2019, it added small polls to your feed to find out if you were interested in the posts it recommended. If people said “yes,” they would rate it and see other content like it.

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At the moment, 15% of the content we see in the Feed comes from accounts that the algorithm recommends. This will change, though. Mark Zuckerberg said a few months ago that the percentage will double, even though many users didn’t like him. The co-founder of Facebook said that social media will soon be run by an intelligent algorithm instead of by the people and accounts you follow.

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