eufy’s new wireless camera has an almost endless battery

eufy's camera

eufy’s Cam 3 says it will work for a whole year without being plugged in. It can be used outside and doesn’t have a single cable. You want to put cameras in your house. eufy is one of the best-known smart home security brands because most of its products work with almost all ecosystems and have prices that aren’t too high.

The company has had a good selection of products for a long time, especially connected security cameras. Now, it has added two key devices for the smart homes of the future. You’ll get a new hub for your devices that comes with storage, as well as a new version of your wireless cameras with a battery that lasts almost forever and, most importantly, no monthly fees.

In this way, the company has released the new HomeBase 3 hub, which is an improvement on the previous model but is much smarter and has more features. It also has a storage expansion bay and more ways to connect brand-name security devices.

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At the moment, Eufy doesn’t say anything about its compatibility with Matter. However, since this standard isn’t as focused on security devices as it is on cameras, this isn’t a big deal. Also, unlike some of their other cameras, there is no support for Homekit HKSV, which is a shame. But the company might change the system so that it works with Apple’s ecosystem.

eufy’s home innovations include HomeBase 3 and eufyCam 3

HomeBase 3 can recognise people, animals, and objects with 99% accuracy using face recognition. This new hub can automatically classify and save camera video to secured storage on its own network (16GB with 256-bit encryption).

All of this is free and requires no further payments or fees, a significant benefit because most connected home cams demand a subscription. Along with the HomeBase 3, the company also released the battery-powered, wireless eufyCam 3 security cameras. This time, it can almost go anywhere by itself.

It can be charged by solar power that is built into the camera, and it can work without stopping with only two hours of light a day. The company says that this system will give them up to a full year of freedom.

The eufyCam can capture 4K video, includes color and infrared night vision, LED focus, and two-way audio. Even though it’s not an extreme-weather camera, it’s safe to use outdoors because it’s IP67 rated.

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