EA is making an Iron Man game, it’s official

E.A's Iron Man game

Electronic Arts has announced that the Canadian EA Motive team is working on an Iron Man game.

Electronic Arts said that they are making a game based on Iron Man, a popular Marvel superhero. EA Motive, a Canadian studio, is in charge of the project. They also helped make games like Star Wars: Squadrons and Star Wars Battlefront II, with DICE’s help on the latter. But they’ve been getting all the attention lately because they’re making a new version of Dead Space. Marvel Games will still be a part of the process, of course.

Even though EA didn’t think much of single-player games before Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order became a huge hit, they changed their minds. Because of this, the Iron Man game is a single-player experience that is all about the story. We also know that it will have a third-person view, which fits well with the character we will be controlling.

EA’s Iron Man game

It’s important to note, though, that the project is still in its early stages, so we may have to wait a few years before we can enjoy it. Electronic Arts says, “We’re excited to tell you that a new third-person, single-player, action-adventure Iron Man game is in the initial stages of development at Montreal’s Motive Studio.”

Olivier Proulx, who directed the great Marvel movie Guardians of the Galaxy, has joined EA Motive to lead the development of Iron Man, which was one of the announcement’s biggest surprises. Remember that Square Enix sold Eidos Montreal and its other western studios to Embracer Group? Electronic Arts hunted out some of the brain drain’s victims. Here are the words of the following:

“It’s an honor and a privilege to be able to make a video game about one of the most well-known superheroes in pop culture today. We have a great chance to make something new and different that we can call our own. Marvel wants us to come up with new ideas. The fact that we have a lot of freedom is very appealing to the team.”

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Bill Rosemann, vice president of Marvel Games, stated, “We’re thrilled to work with Motive Studio to offer their vision of one of Marvel’s most powerful and adored characters.” His experience delivering established entertainment worlds and exciting gameplay, along with his genuine love for the armored icon, will drive our quest to give a love letter to a legendary hero.

Eye, Marvel hints that there will be more superhero games in the future. “This new partnership between Marvel and Electronic Arts is very exciting, and Iron Man is the first of many new games to come.”

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