E3 2023 lays out its plan to become the largest video game show again

E3 2023

ReedPop talks about the plans for E3 2023’s face-to-face event. The four-day video game fair will be geared toward both businesses and consumers.

The E3 will come back with a face-to-face event that tries to bring back the glory of years past. When it came out that the organisers were planning a hybrid format for next year’s event, more information came out. GamesIndustry.biz says that E3 2023 will be held at the Los Angeles Convention Center from June 13 to 16.

The general plan for the event, which will take place over four days and focus on businesses and consumers. This division will be strict at E3 2023, which is different from past years. The first two days will be for business, the third will be a mix of business and consumers, and the last day will be for fans only.

The next time around, the organizers will try to please both groups. On the one hand, they want to give people in the video game business a quiet place to talk and make deals. On the other hand, people will be able to do the same things they did in previous years, like visit booths and play the newest AAA and indie games.

A place to do business and have fun

Those who work in the game or media industries will find the division by days interesting and useful. In order to do this, the Convention Center will be split in half. One half will be for businesses, with quiet booths and places to talk over coffee. The second will be the beautiful South Hall, where companies will have booths to show off their new games.

Unlike the last face-to-face event, E3 2023 won’t let people in until the third and fourth days. The organizers plan to have events around the Convention Center and game shows that people can watch in person or online. ReedPop tries to sell things that people really want.

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E3 2023 returns; who’s excited?

Those of us who have been to the Los Angeles Convention Center at least once may be interested in the return of E3 as a face-to-face event. It was amazing how exciting it was to wait in line for a keynote, play the latest behind-the-scenes game, or talk to developers. For the last person who bought a ticket, the fair meant waiting in line for hours to play for less than 4 minutes, paying sky-high prices for food, and using bathrooms where you could get sick.

Companies like Nintendo, Sony, and EA leaving the market hurt the general interest. And the COVID-19 pandemic was an event that now seems pointless. In a time when everyone is talking about TikTok videos, Nintendo Directs, and events like Summer Game Fest or The Game Awards. So the organisers of E3 2023 will have to work hard to bring back some of the glory.

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