Does Walmart Take Apple Pay in 2022?

Does Walmart Take Apple Pay in 2022

Apple Pay is one of the most popular mobile payment systems for iPhone and iPad users, but the question of interest at present is \”Does Walmart Take Apple Pay in 2022?\” Read this article to find out!

Walmart is many people\’s first and last stop while shopping for groceries, due to the store\’s low costs and extensive selection. Plus, it uses an array of different payment methods, making paying cash hassle-free. However, a Walmart spokesperson has confirmed that the retail giant has no plans to take Apple Pay anytime soon.

With all the talk of Apple Pay and Walmart in recent news, we thought it would be good to step back and put together a guide on what you need to know about the new payment method. Read on to learn more about this innovative way, that might just become your new favorite way to pay!

Does Walmart Take Apple Pay?


If you are an Apple user, then you would feel quite sad to hear that Walmart doesn\’t accept payments through Apple Pay. Walmart has its own mobile payment system called \”Walmart Pay\”. To use Walmart Pay, customers need to download the Walmart app and sign up for an account. They can then add their credit or debit card to the app, and use it to pay for their purchases in-store.

Walmart doesn\’t take Apple Pay because they\’d rather have you use Walmart Pay, which only requires you to scan a QR code at any checkout to complete your purchase. This is as simple as it sounds. There is no need for cash or credit when you use your Walmart account to make purchases and receive a digital receipt instead.

As of right now, Walmart does not take Apple Pay as a form of payment. However, this could change in the future. Walmart has been gradually adding more and more forms of payment over the years, so it\’s possible that Apple Pay will be accepted at some point down the line. For now, though, you\’ll need to use another form of payment when shopping at Walmart.

Payment Methods Walmart Accept


Overall, Walmart is a very convenient place to shop. They accept a wide range of payment methods. This makes it easy for customers to pay for their purchases, no matter how they prefer to pay. Mentioned next are the available ways, through which you can pay out at Walmart.

  • Cash
  • Amex
  • Affirm
  • PayPal
  • Checks
  • EBT Card
  • Gift Cards
  • Debit Cards
  • Credit Cards
  • Capital One Walmart Credit Cards

Guide to Use Walmart Pay on Apple iPhone


Walmart Pay is a free service that allows customers to use their smartphones to pay for purchases in Walmart stores. The facility can be used with any major credit or debit card. Moreover, using Walmart Pay on your Apple iPhone is very easy and convenient. However, make sure you have the latest version of the Walmart app installed on your mobile device. Then, follow the next mentioned steps sequentially.

  1. First, launch the \”Walmart\” application on your iPhone.
  2. Next, inside the navbar, tap on the tab labeled \”Services\”
  3. After that, proceed with tapping on the option i.e., \”Walmart Pay\”.
  4. Now, all you have to do to complete your purchase is scan the QR code. That\’s all there is to it!

In addition to the already streamlined checkout process that \”Scan & Go\” provides, it can be even faster if you have Walmart Plus. In a store that supports scan-and-go functionality, customers can simply add things to their cart by scanning their barcodes and then pay for their purchases by scanning a QR code.

This eliminates the need to scan all of your belongings at the end of your trip. Plus, it allows you to bag goods as you go along, provided you carry your own bags. Get what you want, scan the barcodes with your smartphone, then pay by scanning the QR code at the desk.

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As of now, Walmart does not accept Apple Pay as a form of payment. However, this could change in the future, as more and more retailers are beginning to accept this way of paying for stuff. If you\’re interested in using Apple Pay at Walmart, we recommend checking back periodically, to see if the policy has changed.

It\’s unclear whether Walmart will take Apple Pay in 2022, but it\’s certainly possible. If you\’re an Apple Pay user, it would be wise to keep an eye on Walmart\’s policy changes and be prepared to use another payment method, if necessary. Thank you for reading!

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