Disney+ releases an app for the PS5 that works with 4K HDR

Disney+ releases an app for the PS5 that works with 4K HDR

With the Disney+ app, you’ll be able to watch 4K UHD content on the Sony console, while the PS4 version only lets you watch Full HD content.

If you pay for Disney+ and have a PS5, you’ll be happy to know that you can start downloading an app to watch TV shows and movies on your console starting today. The app could be downloaded from the PlayStation Store, but it was only for the PS4 and could only be used to watch videos in Full HD. That’s over with now that the new version supports 4K HDR.

Users will be able to watch TV shows and movies from Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar, and other brands in UHD. People in Latin America will also be able to use the Star+ app, which was made for the PlayStation 5. The initial app’s inability to play 1080p videos was a major problem.

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Jerrell Jimerson, Executive Vice President of Product and Design at Disney, said,

“Meeting consumers wherever they are is a key part of our global expansion strategy. That’s why we’re excited to improve both Disney+ and Star+ for PlayStation 5 users.” “The fact that fans will be able to stream 4K HDR video on the platform will also improve the viewing experience,” he said.

Disney+ debuts on PS 5 with ads

When the Disney + app for PS5 comes out, it sets the stage for the changes that will happen to the streaming service in the coming months. After a few years with a single membership that gave access to all content. Disney is about to move on to the next step: a subscription with ads. The plan will be a cheaper alternative to the existing model, whose price will go up everywhere.

According to reports, the new Disney+ subscription will be available on December 8 and will cost $7.99 per month. It will have ads. The plan without ads will cost $10.99 per month, and both can be paid for once a year to save money. The prices are for the United States. However, they will be changed in Europe, Latin America, and any other country where the service is offered.

Disney Plus’s annual plan allows you access to all of its TV shows and movies, including the newest, Star catalogue, and National Geographic documentaries.

Sign up for Disney+ and save money

Disney has reached a point where it can’t lose money as quickly as it used to. Even though the pandemic made people stay inside more, the number of users has gone down in recent months. During the second quarter of 2022, Netflix lost 970,000 subscribers and fired hundreds of people.

But the company is hopeful that it will gain a million new customers in the third quarter of the year. Others, like Prime Video or HBO Max, are spending a million dollars on shows like The Rings of Power and The House of the Dragon to get a foothold in the market. Amazon’s other companies provide a cushion for the long haul.

While the big companies fight to be the best, you can get the Disney+ app for PS5 today and start watching Andor, which is one of the best Star Wars series.

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