Despite losing its exclusivity, EA will keep making Star Wars games

EA Star Wars

After many setbacks, EA finally lost the right to make “Star Wars” games on its own. They will still make more games in the series, though.

Even though it’s still the beginning of the year, the video game industry has been very busy. Today, it was announced that Ubisoft and Lucasfilm Games will work together to make a Star Wars game with an open world. The news is a big surprise because no one ever told anyone else about it. But the announcement has also made people wonder about how EA and Disney work together now.

What will happen to the Electronic Arts-made Star Wars games? Through Twitter, the American distributor confirmed that they are still making games in the successful universe. But, even though they don’t say it, it’s clear that their contract with Disney to be the only ones to sell their products has ended or won’t be renewed. This deal started in 2013 and will end in 2023. Since the two companies still talk to each other in a friendly way, it’s more likely that they just didn’t renew it.

EA Star Wars news

EA and Star Wars

Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean that EA won’t work on any more Star Wars projects after 2023. The truth is that it won’t be the only one anymore. Ubisoft is the second company to jump on the Star Wars bandwagon, and it’s likely that more companies will do the same in the years to come. Activision, Take-Two, PlayStation, Xbox… there are a lot of possibilities, and we can’t rule out any of them right now.

We know right now that the Ubisoft game is a proposal for an open world. Massive Entertainment, which also made The Division saga, will be in charge of making it. Of course, you shouldn’t expect to use it soon. The game hasn’t even begun to be made, and it’s not easy to make an open world. Also, the current level of Star Wars quality calls for a high-quality product.

Why didn’t EA keep the rights to Star Wars?

After Jedi: Fallen Order came out, it seemed like Electronic Arts had finally found the right way to make Star Wars a big hit. The game made by Respawn Entertainment sold more than 10 million copies and got good reviews from both the gaming press and gamers. Even with all of that, his great welcome would not have been enough to make up for what had happened in the past. Everyone knows that both Star Wars: Battlefront and Star Wars: Battlefront II were terrible.

Even back then, people thought that Disney wasn’t happy with how its franchises were doing in the video game market. Also, let’s not overlook that EA cancelled a number of Star Wars projects because they didn’t fit with their strategy for microtransactions. One of them was the Dead Space game from Visceral Games, a company that shut down after the cancellation. Without a question, EA’s journey with Star Wars had more downs than ups.

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