Days Gone: the next PlayStation game to get a movie

Days Gone: the next PlayStation game to get a movie

Deadline reports that Bend Studios’ Days Gone video game will make it to the big screen

Sony is putting more effort into bringing PlayStation franchises to movies. According to Deadline, Sony Pictures has given the go-ahead for a movie based on the game Days Gone. This popular game by Bend Studios and came out on PS4 in 2019. It takes place in a world after the end of the world, where zombie-like creatures are a threat. In general, both the players and the specialized press liked it.

In fact, the producer is already talking with a number of actors about being in the movie, according to the same news reports. One of them is Sam Heughan, who you might know as Jamie Fraser from the TV show Outlander. In Days Gone, on the other hand, he would play the main character, Deacon St. John. Surprisingly, the actor’s face looks a lot like that of the character, so he is a good fit for the role.

On the other hand, Sheldon Turner would be in charge of writing the script for the Days Gone movie. His work on Cheap Shots: End Game, X-Men: First Class, and Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Rise made him famous. Nonstop Love got him a nomination for an Oscar for “Best Adapted Screenplay.” He is also in charge of writing the full-length movie for Ubisoft’s video game franchise Splinter Cell.

Days Gone most likely involve Turner and Jennifer Klein. Asad Qizilbash and Carter Swan, who work for PlayStation Productions, are, of course, part of the project.

Bend Studios’ Days Gone video game will make it to the big screen

But this news is also a bit of a surprise. Why? Last year, one of the most trusted sources in the video game industry, Jason Schreier, said that the creators of Days Gone had asked Sony to make the sequel. However, the company said no. So, the imagined Days Gone 2 halted. After this happened, the main people in charge of the game, Jeff Ross and John Garvin, left the studio.

Schreier’s report also said that Sony preferred to focus on its biggest franchises like The Last of Us or God of War instead of promoting sequels to projects like Days Gone that were in the middle. Even with everything, about 9 million copies of the game were sold, which isn’t bad at all. Many players were upset that the second part was not accepted, and they said so on social networks.

If what we know about the Days Gone movie is true, everything about the franchise is turned on its head. First, because it shows that Sony hasn’t forgotten about it and thinks it could be successful in areas other than video games. On the other hand, PlayStation Studios may have finally given the go-ahead for Days Gone 2. Why?

PlayStation doesn’t make new versions of its franchises without putting something playable on the market at the same time. For example, the Uncharted movie came out at the same time as the Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection. The Last of Us on HBO Max will come out in 2023, the same year as the rumored PS5 multiplayer game The Last of Us: Factions 2.

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We also can’t forget that the God of War (Amazon Prime Video), Horizon (Netflix), and Twisted Metal (Peacock) series are coming. Ghost of Tsushima, directed by Chad Stahelski, and Gran Turismo, directed by Neill Blomkamp, are both in the works for the big screen.

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